Surgery recovery update

May 16, 2009

Surgery was on Tuesday the 12th. I woke up off and on Tuesday. Wed when I triedto get up I hurt badly, but my nurses kept pumping me with pain meds,(I had the pain pump...but that wasn't workin really well.) cuz I shouldn't have been hurting that bad, I just kept thinking God I hope this gets easier. Well Dr came in that  evening  and realeased some on the pressure caused from my jp tube, it helped some but I was still rather sore holding my lower left side...and still needing pain meds, so doc came in early on thursday and pulled my left sidejp tube. I laid in bed another half a hour, i was kinda worried that one little tube could've caused all that pain, so i finally called the nurse in and asked her to help me get up...GUESS WHAT>>>>>NO PAIN!!  that was sooooo cooollll!!! So any how he took my other drain out  (friday) and released me @ 10:30am So I am home and doing   great, walking and sipping . SIP SIP SIP i am not hungry nor am i thirsty! but I think about sipping. Thanks for prayers.   


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