Aug 06, 2009

It has been entirely too long since I updated.
My stats are as follows

Starting weight Janurary 1, 2009  ~ 368.7

Presurgical weight  May 12, 2009 ~ 330

Current weight (drum roll please) ~ 282

down a total of  86.7 lbs since January
down 48 since surgery

I lost a small human! LMAO

OK what I am discovering is that I really don't know how to cook HEALTHY. I can cook but not meal plan. I go to the store and buy whatever I am going to make right then. I NEED TO FIX THIS!! Any ideas?!?!
I can eat almost anything I want so I really am learning to measure twice and eat once. I am learning to control my brain. Somewhat! I HATE protein. Can't even stand the smell of most of them anymore. I am trying with Chike but even that has slowed down. I am not real good at eating most meats. I can do hamburger ok in small quantities. I hate getting sick, which I was doing alot of. Mostly cuz I wasn't measureing what I ate. ( BAD SHAWNA>>>BAD!!) Old habits die hard, BUT they do DIE DAMN IT! I will bludgin them to death!! I need to get some good meal ideas....ANYONE!!?? 
OK SO thats my update!
I am on facebook and myspace as well! If your morecomfortable emailing me your ideas
[email protected]

any and ALL ideas welcome. Thanks in advance!!

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