First 100 lbs lost

Sep 06, 2009

I am so excited. I am down 101 lbs Since January 1, 2009...thats 63 lbs since the morning of surgery 5-12-09...I can't say its gone forever but i can say...a work in progress...I know theres a chance I could gain it back and If I say gone forever and do gain some back then reread this I will be very depressed.
BUT I am going to TRY my ass change the way I think and feelabout my relationship with FOOD. I am unfortuneately able to eat ALOT of things I shouldn't. SOOOO  now I need to remember to LOG it all. Accountability goes a long way for me. As MM says if u see it in adds up quick. If I don't keep track I don't realize how much I am consumeing...
I think it has a lot to do with who does your surgery also. Me and my friend had surgery the same day same surgery different states, but hers is A whole hell of a lot more restricted than mine. I came home able to kill a 20oz bottle of water in half an hour or less. She is just working on 8oz an hour. I also have no dairy issues. I drink milk like be4 surgery (I don't but I know I can) She cannot drink any!

I know I am still honeymoon period so I am getting this in check now. Cuz this wave doesn't last forever. I am laid off all this coming week so I will be exerciseing more. I have no muscle left which sux. And I go Tues to get some tests done on why my bones are hurting. I am post menopause thanks to a hysterectomy in 2006 so my calcium absorbtion was already crap be4 wls but its worse now. I am working on trying to find out a good list of blood labs to have done reguarly and where the levels should fall so I can track them as well. My doc only does a few and I believe there are prolly more I should be watching...
Other then that stuff...I am doing well. I still have a job, (all be it slow at work right now..) side note***Eat Heinz products (job security)***my family is able to celebrate the Labor day holiday together...and my children are healthy...I am better off than alot are this holiday. And I thank God for all that he has given me.


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