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"Dr. Peter Lalor is a very courteous physician. He was in my room 2 times a day every day following surgery. He was always trying to make sure I was comfortable. My 2 week visit is today later on so I will write more as I deal with him more. His office staff is awesome!!! Also a few weeks after surgery I was diagnoised with an Ulcer. Dr. Lalor was very aggresive in his treatment of it, and I pretty much have it under control. I love that he listened to my concerns and took them seriously, he didn't brush me off like so many Docotors tend to do. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Peter Lalor to any of my friends. Even though he is fairly new by bariatric surgery standards, he is fresh enough to not be cocky about his abilities. Some people prefer that quality, I prefer a doctor who treats you like you are part of his own family and you will ALWAYS get that treatment here. Wood County Hospital staff on the Bariatric floor are phenomenal as well. My nurse had even had surgery herself so she was sooo understanding! If you live in this part of Ohio or surrounding area, Dr. Lalor and his staff are more than worth checking out!! ****UPDATE***** I am currently at 155lbs. and holding. I am amazed at my new life everyday. Dr. Lalor has been a vital part of my new world. I always got to see my doctor, and that is very rare in todays world. Usually following your surgery you follow up with P.A.s Dr. Lalor personally saw me for all my check ups and also, for any other issues I had. I never felt "passed around". Keep up the amazing job Doc!!!"

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"lways trying to make sure your comfortable at all times"
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