September 22, 2009 1-year anniversary

Sep 24, 2009

Sept. 24, 2009
It has been along time again!
I thank The Lord that I am 1 year 2 days out  of having my LapBand surgery.  As of August 7th 09 I have lost 97 lbs. My next appointment it on Oct 2nd I hope I have hit the 100th lbs. mark, I missed my Sept 18th appointment in ATL due to bad weather.  Have not excersise in about 3 weeks, due to being in Virginia with family.  But Monday I started my walking, and will soon start back with the aqua aerobics. My husband calls me his new wife.  We had not seen our oldest son since Christmas 08' and my husband said to him "How do you like my new wife"? I  laugh and said, "How do you like your new mom"? I feel really good and have gone from a dress size 30 to an 18-20, some 22 depending on the make.

Well this a short post.  Happy WLS Anniversary  to every one ouy there!

Well it has been another 3 months since I've posted.

Jun 23, 2009

Hey fellow WLS friends,

It has been another 3 months, I have not posted since March 23, 09'. 9 months out,  I am doing really well.  My last appointment was June 5th 09', I have lost a total of 83 lbs since my Lap Band Sept. 22, 08.  I got a band adjustment and well it was to tight.  I really thank Peachtree Bari. for making their patients stay after an adjustment  if any problems occur they can take care of it ASAP and by me living 100 miles away from ATL I would not have made it back to ATL.  
I started the aqua aerobics I take the classes 3 times a week on base. I enjoy the aqua aerobics, at 53, I learn to float  on my back for the first time in water, it is fun.  If any of you WLS freinds out there have a military id card the classes are free on base.  Also for those who don't have a military id card, check out your local YMCA, senoirs group centers, therapy centers such as The Cantrell Center here in WR, or neighborhood rec. center for info.  My eating is going great,  still learning, this will be a life long thing.  I discovered some things I can eat with no stress on my band like brown, white rice, coucous, and pasta but only 1/4 cup but  you know it is chew, chew, chew.  I love the Kroger's brand diet non caffine sweet tea, you can't tell it is Splenda.  Coming from someone who loves Micky D's sweet tea. Every now and then I do have a sweet treat, but a very small portion.
I had a birthday on June 8th and I tell people I feel great turning 53, I am 83lbs lighter than the last 4 birthdays.  I have a lot of sagging skin which was to be expected, but I look on the positive side, they are there because of the weight loss, I would rather have sags and not bags.  My husband is so tickled, he hugs me more.  He can't get over that he can feel my bones, where as before the fat was covering them up.  He says, my fat pads are gone, even on the back of my neck going down my back. My legs feel so much better and I am ready to get back into the work scene. 

Oh another helpfull hint, if you are on a tight budget, such as my husband and I due to job lost, to build your new woredrobe the local thrift stores have good bargins on clothes, I go the the Salvation Army  and Goodwill, people donate brand name  like new clothes, and for as little as $4. you can buy an outfit.  Look for the sale color of the week tag, I have a closet full of Koret, Liz Claborne, Dress Barn, Talbots, Alred Dunner, and so many that I can even metioned.  Some of them had dry cleaners tags still on them.  It will take some patience on your part  you have to really look throught the clothes, but give it a try, I brought my current size and the goal size I want to be at which is a 14-16.
But remember those that are in need of your good clothes that are too big for you, please remember to donate them to someone at church, a homeless shelter, a womens shelter or even the thirft stores.  Also remember coats, people will really need coats, it is not to early to think about the cold winter weather.
Well I better go for now, every one keep up the good work and take a day at a time, I you all.  And for those waiting for WLS your day will come before you know it,  just be patient and hang in there.  I also you.  I will post again in about another 3 months.

It has been a very long time. 6mos 1day out. March 23, 2009.

Mar 23, 2009

Hello WLS Friends

I know it has been a very long time since I did a posted in Oct 08'.  Hope everyone is doing very well and a hand clap to all.  And to all the people who were able to get WLS I feel "we are blessed"  to have another chance at being healthy and to get our lives back. And to those who are in the process of getting WLS, or waiting for your date are blessed, just hang in there "YOUR DAY WILL COME". 
I got busy with this new way of learning to eat and living that I some times go the the OH web site but don't take the time to post. Of course as you fellow WLS patients know it is a learning to eat all over again, this is process and a re-newing of your mind, body and spirit. I am just loving it.  However, I  do my updates on the Realize LB website.  As of today March 23, I am 6months and 1 day out from having my Lap Band surgery.  As of March 11, 2009 I've lost 68lbs, gone for ever.
 " All Praise be to GOD".  I could not have done this on my own.  I have had 3 adjustments, which on March 11 was my third.  I feel  so gooooood!  I have so much more energy and feel lighter on my feet and I do not have the problems with leg, feet and back pain.  My knees feel some what better since they don't carry so much weight, but the damage is there to stay but by losing it has added more time to the life of my knees and not getting a knee replacement probably for a few years.  As far as my BP I was taking a 20 mg BP pill, for low BP, my PCP had to adjust it to 10mg and take the diuretic part out.  Losing the weight was causing my BP to drop to low, this has corrected the problem.  At my next PCP visit she will discuss taking me off completely.  My  routine blood work came back a whole lot better, my glucose level went back down to 82, pre-surgery it inch up to 98 which put me at  pre-diabetic I however will continue to take Zocor.
My first struggle was to eat, at first I had no appetite, Dr. Rashid advised that I eat small meals (2-3 ozs) 4-5 times a day, even if I was not hungry as she told me I was not eating enough.  Needless to say I was amazed, never in my life a doctor has told me I was not eating enough it was always you are eating too much.  Then after 3 months, I started slacking off on the protein intake, calcium and vitamins, I realize I was doing more harm than good but now I make sure I get these in everyday," thanks to my WLS buddy who told me I was not following orders, she gave me a good e-mailing too" or (talking too). Also I live on Propel water and lots of plain water, I never knew water can taste so good. As a child my mother was always at the doctors office with me because of my kidneys, it was from not drinking enough water.  I walk about 3 times a week 1/2 to 1 mile. I will start a aqua aerobics class in April.  
Well I had a big disappointment during my Dec 30, 08' appointment, Dr. Rashid told me she was leaving to go back to the D.C area, but on a good note I now have Dr. Titus Duncan which originally was my first pick, so even though I miss Dr. Rashid, I love having Dr. Duncan.  My husband was very pleased with Dr. Rashid but have been knowing Dr. Duncan since April 07' and he is just as thrilled. And on a good note my husband of 33.5 years is beside himself he has been my support 300%.  He saw me go from 163lbs to 345lbs in the time of our marriage but never lost his love for me.  He had always loved me for who I was and not who I have become, he just wanted me to be healthy.  I ask all of you to pray for our grown sons, who struggle with their weight, and my daughter n' law.  Even though as raising them from babies I did not want them to have the weight problems that I had all my life, so I cooked healthy meals low in salt, sugar and fat and they were not allowed to over eat, they had lots of fresh veggies and fruits.  Yes they were allowed their favorite foods like pizza, candy and cookies but  I have always limited those foods.  As they became adults they gained weight. I see this is hereditary from both sides of our families.  Our oldest who just turned 31 on St. Patrick's day had lost weight since Nov. 08', Our youngest son (27) and his wife are loosing weight.  My daughter n' law is a blessing she encourages our son, she is the best we could ask for.  They got married on 07-07-07 and I told my son they were so happy being married because of weight gain. LOL
The other person in my life is my younger brother, I look to him as if his is my older brother I am 9 years older them him.  He had Lap Band surgery in August 07' and is almost at his goal.  He is my 2nd  support, and encourages me to do the right thing.  My mother also who had RNY in 1996 is not only my best Friend, she is an encouragement to me from her weight loss and she have kept it off, she went from a 328lbs to 145lbs,"my mom looks good" and she is so proud of me and my brother. I have a older sister who needs WLS but is at to great of a risk "pray for her" we love her but know she needs to loose weight for her health.  My younger sister who never had a weight problem in her life is the best, she is a great because she encourage exercise, and if we did not live so far apart I would have her to be my exercise partner.  You see all my family is in VA and I live in Ga, my husband's home town.
Another good thing is I am pulling old small clothes out of my closet that either I wore along time ago or I bought and never wore that was too small.  I told my WLS  buddy,  that I went clothes shopping and got some good deals.  She ask what deals did you get, I told her it was free, she said how did you get clothes for free, I replied "I went shopping at home in all of my closets" OBTH my WLS buddy had her  RNY on the same day I did, as a matter of fact I was Dr. Rashid's first, patient for that morning 9/22/08 @ 6am, then my WLS buddy was Dr. Rashid's 2nd patient, we had all our pre-wls appointments, on the same day, our endoscopy the same day.  We were always at the hospital at the same time and the crazy thing, our husbands have the same first names, and they are the most caring husbands, they kept each other company a lot of days.  We have not seen each other since our Oct 7th our follow up appts.  We stay in touch via email.  We are planning a reunion in the late spring.  She is doing just fantastic, she is almost at her goal. She is my   we can't wait to see each other, and the weight we have lost,  our husbands are excited also.
Well I knew this would be a long post and maybe the next time I will not wait so long to post. I will also one day summit before and after pictures. 
With love to everyone have a good day and stay on the loosing side.  Take one day at a time.


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