Qammar Rashid

"At first I was hoping to get Dr. Duncan for my Lap Band surgery. But when I meant with Dr. Rashid, on 9/11/08, I really loved her bedside manner. Dr. Rashid is very competent in her field. She is very careing, warm, and she answered all my questions, as well as my husbands questions. Dr. Rashid is very stern on following the pre and post diet guidelines, after all this is a life style change. They have a support group available 3 times a month. There is also a complications class that you are required to attend. Remember this is just a tool to help you loose the weight, this is not a quick fix, you still have to do your part. The office staff is great, they do everything they can to make it a smooth process. I have bugged them hundreds of times, and yes! I got upset but the care and concern they give, you could not ask for any better. Lolita is the best! So far I have nothing negative to say about the office staff or team of Drs.. However I have never meant Dr. Hobson. I would advise if anyone is considering any type of Bariatric surgery PLEASE! PLEASE! do your research, and find out what is the right type of surgery is for you. Do not base it on someone else's experience. You decide! But make sure you have your doctors approvel."
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