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Oct 20, 2009

It has been a long time since I posted something.  I have been a lurker all this time.  I am not at my goal of 200 pounds but for the last 4+ months I have been bouncing between 207 - 212.  Eating is not a problem and I feel great.  No issues as of today.  I have figured out what I need to do (water, vitamins, etc..) to maintain my current weight.  My plan is get thru the holidays at this weight and then after the first of the year work on the last 10 pounds.  My last visit with Dr. Davis he said he liked my current weight and looked good.  December 17th is my one year date and he will check my numbers to make sure I am where I should be.

Now for another type of update.  The people I work for has been very interesting.  Two men had Lap-band surgery a month before my by-pass surgery.  Two months ago another man had by-pass surgery and a lady is scheduled for November 17th, for by-pass.  And there is another man on his last month of the 90 day deit.  All but one of them are using Dr. Garth Davis.  The other one is using Dr. Robert Davis.  This makes for a good support team.  Three of us are looking at starting a support group that will meet during our lunch break at least once a month.  If there are any people who work for Dow Chemical in Freeport, who are interested, send me an email.

Everyone have a great day....


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