Apr 26, 2009

I was asked what I eat during a typical day:

Morning: one scoop protein powder in fat free soy milk (yes I like soy milk!)

Lunch: hard boiled egg and salad with balsamic vinegar or malt vinegar OR a slice of veggie "salami" and a slice of veggie "cheese" with mustard on lavash

Dinner: skinless, boneless grilled chicken breast with steamed veggies

Snacks: fat free, sugar free yogourt OR fruit salad OR lavash (flatbread) with light cream cheese or guacomole OR 100 calorie bag of micro popcorn

I've completely given up bread.  Instead I use lavash, which is a cracker-like flatbread.  I buy multi-grain or rye lavash. 

I also drink A LOT of water.  I buy cases of sugar free, calorie free flavoured water.  At night I will have a cup of herbal tea.  I was never a pop or coffee drinker, so that isn't an issue.


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