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Jun 14, 2009

It's been a very interesting 3 weeks.  I've had my first taste of "real life".  In other words, I haven't been on the super strict diet that I've been on since Jan 20.  I've fallen in love and that has taken precedence over the weight loss.  As a result, I have not been dropping the weight as quickly. 

However, this morning I weighed myself and ... I STILL lost!  I was so surprised because I haven't even really been trying!  Only another 30lbs until I'm under 200 lbs!  That will be a HUGE milestone!!

I enjoyed a major NSV (non-scale victory).  My sister suggested I try an outfit at a regular (non plus size) store, and IT FIT!  I  can't recall the last time I shopped at a "normal" store.  I didn't buy the outfit, probably because I was just so stunned!  I'm still trying to wear the 3x skorts I wore last summer but they are all falling off.  I know I need to shop for some new summer stuff, but it's a little overwhelming!

I love my lap band!


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