To start out with...back in 2003 I first asked Dr. King, my Primary care Physician to refer me to a bariatric surgeon after all diets I did failed. The diets didn't fail as such but every time I'd lose 50 pounds....I'd gain back 65. Once I lost 90 pounds on Atkins...but gained back over 100 pounds. It was years of playing yo-yo.
    Anyway, my primary care Physician at that time was a stick. I bet he only had 3 percent body fat on him. EVERY TIME I asked for a bariatric referral, Dr. King would give me a speech....low fat, low calorie, no cholesterol foods and exercise...EVERY TIME! He knew my weight would yo-yo but then one visit I begged him for a referral. Same speech with this added non-sense...he said "...a half hour before each meal, drink a tablespoon of olive oil. That will curb your appetite and you will feel full and eat less." I wanted to strangle the little dweeb!
    A few month's later, he announced he was leaving that office and I could not wait to meet his replacement. Dr. King in Albion, NY was replaced by Dr. Fatma Akmese. She was GREAT! While I was there for blood pressure problems, weighing around 415 pounds I told her to look at my chart, she saw how much weight I would lose and always gain back. I asked her for a referral to bariatric surgery and she said RIGHT AWAY, "Yea...I'll refer you to a bariatric surgeon....! YAHOOO! That was in March of 2006. I went through all the appointments; the sleep studies, the shrinks, the blood work, the support groups...etc.
    What a roller coaster ride this has been indeed! One thing after the other. My original surgery date was scheduled for 10/9/06...then moved up to 10/2/06....then Dr. Akmese my new primary care physician looked at my EKG on 9/29/06 and told me I could not have the surgery right now. Trying for this for 2 plus years then 3 days before surgery they took it away! I WAS DEVASTATED,,,,I cried like a baby in her office because I thought it was going to be many months before my surgery would be rescheduled. It's a big deal because my insurance runs out on 12/31/2006. No insurance, no surgery. I secluded myself in a world of self pity and depression thinking life was over.
    Anyway, on 10/9/06 I went for my stress test assuming the worst....AND I PASSED! My surgeon rescheduled surgery for 10/23/06! Today is Halloween of 2006, had my surgery and I'm doing well.
    UPDATE!! Today is 4/22/2007 I now weigh 238 pounds -  I have lost 113 pounds since surgery and a total (from my highest weight of 442 pounds) weight loss of 204 pounds! I can't believe it....I'm SO HAPPY! Thank God for this!

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