Life is GOOD!

Apr 21, 2007


Tomorrow will be my 6 month surgery anniversary and I am pleased to report I have lost 113 pounds since surgery day. PRAISE GOD!

Also, on April 24th I start my new JOB! I had my Commercial Drivers License (CDL) suspended for 128 days since 12/15/2006 due to not turning in to the Department of Motor vehicles my car's license plates when I took my car off the road. Here in NY, when you terminate your car insurance you HAVE TO turn in the plates or they charge you something like $12 a day for every day you have the plates in your possession for up to 90 days. After 90 days you no longer have to pay the fee...they then suspend your license! I went 128 days with the plates screwed to the car and they suspended my license the same amount of time as I had the plates while the car was uninsured. I PLEAD IGNORANCE!!! LOL! I've learned my lesson, that will never happen again!

But that's all going to be behind me as of tomorrow because I get my CDL back then. HOW I HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THAT! Seems like an eternity. The trip to the DMV is going to be worth it! I'll stand in line as long as it takes for my ticket to getting back to a job I enjoy.

I gotta get some new pictures of me on here! I don't have a digital camera anymore but I will VERY SOON!

That's all for now. SEE YA!


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