1 year post op

Jun 02, 2008

June 2, 2008

I had my 1 year anniversary on May 21st.  I am down 130 pounds and only have 18 more pounds to lose until I reach my goal weight of 120 lbs.  I don't know if I will make it but I am certainly going to keep trying.  I have gone from a size 24 to a size 8.  I have not been this small since highschool and it feels absolutely wonderful.  Unfortunately I ended up having my gall bladder removed on May 22, 2008 because it was giving me problems but I have recoverd well and doing great. 

6 Months Post Op

Dec 04, 2007

I just had my 6 month post op RNY anniversary on Nov. 21, 2007.  I am down 102 pds and I am feeling great.  I don't regret my decision and would do all over again.  I started out in a size 24 and am now in a size 12.  I only have 46 more pds to go until I hit my goal weight of 120 lbs.  The weight lose has slowed down alot so I have had to just work harder on my exercising and I know it will pick back up.

My Journey to Weight lose surgery

May 06, 2007

In October 2006 I started my journey to weight lose surgery.  I went to a seminar in October to learn about Lap Band and Gastric Bypass.  I was interested in Lap Band but after the seminar and meeting with Dr. Snyder I decided that Gastic is the better route for me.  I completed all of my testing by my 1st consultation with Dr. Snyder.   I recieved my 1st denial on January 26th because I didn't have diabetes or physical trauma caused by my excess weight.  I did several tests for sleep apnea and diabetes and found out that I have severe sleep apnea and failed a glucose test which led to me beiong put on medicine for diabetes.  A new letter and the new information was submitted to my insurance company to appeal their 1st decision and I heard back a second time from the ins. on Feb. 16th and I was denied again for lack of physical trauma.  I have consulted with an attorney and he has sent a letter to my insurance company demanding that the ins. company send a letter explaining why I have been denied both times because all I have recieved was phone calls.  The letter from the attorney opened the ins. companies eyes because I got a 32 pg. letter and info about my case.  After consulting with my pcp I went to 2 orthopedic doctors to help determine that my excess weight is causing me pysical trauma.  I explained to both doctors my issues and that I needed them to write a letter to my ins. explaining how my weight is causeing me pysical trauma in my back and feet.  They prepared thier letters and my pcp sent his letter and thiers to the ins. for the 3rd time.  I heard back from ins. the wk. of 4/15 and they said I was denied again for lack of diabetes, of course I fought that because I do have diabetes now and they called back the next day and said that they approved my claim.  I was so excited.  I am now scheduled for surgery on May 21st.  I can't wait to get healthy and change my life.  

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