It's just a waiting game now

Sep 11, 2010

It's Saturday, and my surgery is Tuesday September 14.  I am at home watching college football with hubby.  I am beginninmg to get a little nervous, and a bit excited.  I am a little worried about getting back to work after surgery, I'm afraid the place will fall apart if I'm not there LOL! 
It is going to be a very quiet weekend.  tomorrow morning we are taking our puppies out to the creek to run, and get some exercise in ourselves.  I read a lot of the postings, commenting on some, and I read some of them to hubby.  He is very interested, and wants to make sure I am successful with this.  He's afraid of losing me if i don't have the surgery.  He is also looking forward to changing his eating habits along with me.  He is about 10 - 15 pounds over his ideal weight and is terrified of becoming "obese".  I think he will be a great supporter - he has been so far. 
My kids don't have much to say on the subject.  i think they are a little worried, but they aren't saying.  I will find out once I have the surgery, i guess. 

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