Six weeks out

Oct 27, 2010

I am six weeks out and have lost 30 pounds.  I have found that my weight loss is a little bit yo-yo.  I lose a pound, go up a half pound, lose another pound, go up a pound and a half, etc.  Overall, it's a downward movement.  I am just now finally beginning to feel normal, meaning I can move, sleep on my side, roll over without sitting up first, and I am not TIRED all the time.  I actually have a little energy after work now, last week I still wanted to go straight to bed after work. 
I am starting to see a difference in my clothes, but I still feel fat even though I know I am losing weight.  I think (hope) this will one day pass because I really want to feel skinny. I am cold most of the time, but I expected that.  It has been one of the topics on the boards.  We all get a little more sensitive to cold. 
I noticed after losing just 20 pounds that I can walk up the stairs without hearing my joints crack! Now that is a great developement! 
So far, no complications.  I can't eat much, still at 1/4 to 1/2 cups, and I can't eat 3 meals.  I do well eating one meal, and maybe a bite or two for breakfast and dinner.  I just don't feel like eating when I get up, so on work days I try to get a protein shake in first thing, and the same for dinner.  I just don't want to eat and if I try to force myself, I feel bad.  My pouch doesn't like being pushed!  Kylie at Sac Bai said not to worr too much about how much I eat right now, make it healthy, and focus on proten and water, with my suppliements.


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