Jun 26, 2011

I am at 8 months, and have felt like my weight loss has been going very slowly.  Slightly frustrated, and not a happy camper.  I have lost 75 pounds so far, and for the first time in 25 years (2 1/2 decades, or 1/4 of a century!) I weigh less than 200 pounds!!!!! And that's not all.......
I have been afraid to go shopping for clothes, and since I kept a lot of clothes over the years as my weight increased, I was still able to find things in my closet that I could wear, although they didn't really fit me well.  I found myself in a position of HAVING to get something nice to wear in a big hurry, so I went and tried on some clothes, which I really hate to do.  My husband brought me a pair of size 16 (I was in 26 prior to surgery!), and I am looking at these slacks and the little tiny space I am supposed to squeeze into, and saying to myself "there ain't no way my big fat a** is going to fit into this!", then I sucked it up, stepped in, and HOLD ON!!!!!   They FIT!!!  How excited am i?  Well, I went out and bought 4 more pairs of slacks and 6 new shirts, all smaller!  Can you believe it - size 16!  At my smallest i wore a size 14!  I know I will probably have to go shopping again in 6 or 7 months, but if I am as happily surprised as I was this time, it is all worth it!


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