Jon Schram

"I first met Dr Schram on April 11 of this year. Being 3+ hours earily for my consult...The staff at Baritic clinic were welcoming, treating me with respect... What amazed me the most is the people there for the same reason. They shared their lives with me. Dr Schram's staff came to get me talked to me answered some questions, with Dr Schram coming down to see me about 10 minutes later. Was I in shock.. Between surgeries. WOW still Just recieved letter from OHIP I was approved after 3 weeks.... Can't wait to see myself i that sun dress slimmer and healthier It is Christmas 2007, I am 110 lbs down and if you go to my site you will see the difference. I am healther, and every one says "OMG" "your so much happier, your eyes have a shine and full of bust and bubble.." SO, Merry Christmas to All And once again WHHHHHHHHA WHOOO "

Forest Hill

"Can't say enough about the staff. Wonderful!!!!"
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