3 Years and Some Change Out

Mar 08, 2011

My how time flies ! I am now 3 years out and some change ( it looks so odd to read it). Since my rebirth on 02.12.08, I have become a totally different person. I became independant, became a wife and as of last April a mother. 3 years ago if someone told me this I would have been in total disbeliefl. I love myself now! I appreciate myself now and wouldnt change my decision to go through the pain staking process to have my tool. I guess now I am in what many say the maintenance phaze of this journey. I promised myself I would not sink but continually swim!

The day I found out I was preggo I was 208. I gained 44lbs in pregnancy and dropped down to 218 within 2 weeks post partam. I then went up to 234 gradually over a year. I got sick of my bad habits and as of 02.28.11 I joined LA Fitness and am now down to 220 in less than 3 weeks.  Weight is a struggle, but determination is a victory. I have set a goal of 175 and come hell or high water I will reach this mountain top. I was down to a size 12 before pregnancy and now I am in a 14/16. I plan to get down to a 10 .

Pray for me as I will for you and continue on your journey!



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