Temple Community Hospital

"I only had one main issue. A lot of the nurses spoke broken or it seemed like little english. It was very hard to communicate with them. I'm not a very pushy person, but I had to learn to be very firm about making sure they understood me and I understood them. Sadly, sometimes I felt very rude, which was hard for me, but we were dealing with my life and the life of my husband. For the most part they were very sweet and understanding. Once in awhile I'd get that one cranky "I don't want to deal with explaining this to you" nurse, but all in all it was okay. I'm going back there in june for my plastic surgery. I made sure that I was only staying one night :o) Oh and because it's Los Angeles...At night it's a little loud. If you are using this hospital...Remember to ask for a sleeping pill the night before surgery."

Jamshid Nazarian

"Doctor Nazarian is a quiet soul until he needs to be otherwise. He seemed almost shy at first, but when one of his employees interrupted his meeting with my husband he showed that we come first and he was strong to put her in her place. He is respectful and knowlegable and is willing to fight for what is best for you. He has taken both my husband and I into his care and I appreciate that he is thorough in all he does for that is in our best interest. I trust him and thank him for everything he's done so far. He has a very good staff that I've found have almost all been through weight struggles, and or the surgery, which truly helps in the compassion aspect. They also work very closely with the insurance companies to get us through that hurdle as well. I know it's a long road, but I'm glad he's there to walk it with both my husband and I."

Benjamin Hulkower

"I was extreemly nervous about seeing a psychologist for the first time, but Dr. Ben truly puts you at ease. He was able to relate to my struggles and pain with his own experience with weight, and I left the meeting knowing I'd made the right decision and feeling like I'd just chatted with my new best friend. I'm actually looking forward to meeting with him again."
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