It's been 2 years today!! Life is good :)

Nov 03, 2010

Here it is 11/3/2010 my 2 year surgiversary!!
It has been quite the journey and I would do it all again in a minute!  Iam maintaining my weight for the last several months and am happy with where I am at.  Wish I could have boob surgery but maybe someday as it will be very expensive.  Had my 2 year checkup with surgeon a couple days ago and my labs were all perfect in fact my doctor said he is jealous that my cholesterol etc was better than his and my BMI is better than his.  Going through my 2nd divorce which has been painful, he left me the beginning of July 2010 shortly after recovering from panniculectomy and moved in with a 30 year old with 4 kids.  They have since split, but that is what he deserves.  I think my weight loss is the reason we split but that is my own opinion.  I started seeing a therapist a in October which has been very helpful.  I just started seeing a new guy a few weeks ago too, and so far he is just wonderful and treats me right and with respect.  Will post some new pictures shortly to update everyone. 


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