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May 01, 2008

Just a little background about me.  I grew up in upstate NY about an hour or so north of NY City.  Divorced parents, mom had abusive husband for 3rd marriage, wasn't the greatest growing up as a kid.  Graduated high school, and pretty much had to grow up fast.  Worked many jobs as a waitress and retail then finally got a job as a school bus driver.  What a great job.  After driving for about a year and a half, I was doing a summer school run, driving one of the school bus vans and got hit head on by a 16 yr old on his way to summer school.  I never saw who was driving the car that hit me, even when i hit the horn, he never looked up.  They figure he was bent over putting on his shoes.  Lovely.....Thank god the only thing i broke was my nose on the steering wheel (that i broke when my chest hit it).  lots of bumps and bruises though.  This was the one and only time I was happy that I was overweight.  I think all the extra padding helped soften the blow from the steering wheel and seatbelt.  Found out later on that I tore cartlidge in my knee when it hit the steering collum and have herniated discs in my lower back.  After many many years of dr's, and fighting with workmans comp insurance, I had cervical spine fusion because the disc was buldging so bad it was touching my spinal cord.  
   I had been married for 9 yrs but it wasn't the best marriage.  I have three children, my 13 yr old son lives with me and my 16 yr old daughter and 9 yr old son  unfortunately live with their father, who only wanted to be the father he should have been when I left him.  He had an attorney,  and I didn't.  I let his attorney intimidate me and he wound up with all three of the kids.  I had no support with me to tell me to fight him no matter what.  Long story short, a lot of stress, a lot of eating.
   I now have a wonderful man in my life after many moves from state to state to try and get myself grounded.  I haven't been happier.  The reason I did the surgery, for ME and only ME.  It was time for me to finally do something that I knew was going to benefit me and make me feel like the person I have always thought I could be.  Its been a long hard struggle getting this far and boy I was ready to give up on everything many times but I am glad I didn't.  A wonderful man, successful surgery and weight loss, and I am sure many many more good things to come.  
  thanks for listening....


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