Sugar Free Coffee Mate Powder

"Excellent flavoring for coffee or anything else you want to add sugar free flavoring to. I use it in my protein frappaccino."

Andrew Averbach

"Very friendly staff. Dr. Averbach is more then willing to answer any questions you have. Very friendly and professional. Very good after program. Convenient to have nutritionist and psychologist on the staff. I was very, very impressed how cheerful he was when he came to see me in the hospital the day after the surgery and even came in first thing Saturday morning in his regular clothes to see how I was doing and signed my papers for me to go home. Not once have I seen any doctor with a smile on their face everytime you see them and their willingness to make sure you are well. I am only less then a week out of my surgery and feeling wonderful. Called their office this morning to make a post-op appointment with Arlene Swanko, the nutritionist in their office and she is more then willing to make your appointment with her the same day that you see Dr. Averbach so you aren't making unnecessary trips back and forth. I would HIGHLY recommend their office to anyone looking into this surgery. Even other associates that meet with you in the hospital are very pleasant and have smiles on their faces and will joke with you about things to keep your spirits up. Looking forward to continuing my care with Dr. Averbach and his staff."
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