Been ^6^days since surgery!!

Jan 01, 2011

Well what can I say, it has been an experience so far outside of the soreness and gas problems which can get very painful if you need to burp it just gets stuck..I have been following the instructions as prescribed but it is very hard to get 1 oz of liquid down it takes me more than 15 minutes and it can be a little painful in the chest cavity if swallowed fast. I have had the sugar free jello but it is not my favorite chicken and beef broth are OK but it gets tiring. I'm starting Monday on my week 2 Full liquid hoping to have some yogurt. not feeling hungry at all, I have lost since Day of surgery 8 pounds which is good. the experience in the hospital was good I chose to stay another day the barium swallow wasn't as bad as the first time this time was a clear liquid but not as thick as the first time. Because they start you on clear liquid the second day I didn't want to come home without knowing how I was going to do thru the night plus the pain on my shoulder was pretty intense its an anesthesia effect is gone now. I am really trying to keep the fluids going I don't want to end up dehydrated sleepy time tea is really good. What I can really say that it was a blessing was to have a surgery buddy that had the same surgery the same day so we gave each other support she was walking before I was so she came and visit me at my room and we kept it like that visiting each other and talking about our symptoms and how much of problems we were having with the drinking.

On the 4Th day of surgery I took a road trip with friends of Florida you might think i am crazy but i felt pretty well we went to the mountains they wanted to see snow so I took them to Ashe ville but they drove, the nurse had said as long as we rested every hour i would be fine. I didn't get sick I took my broth, jello  and crystal light and the day went well...

New years eve I was really full of energy I ended up going to a friends house for dinner yeah right!!!my kids ate but I just told them that I wasn't going to have dinner because I had just started to eat healthier and couldn't eat past 7pm, believe me this was hard because they had made my favorite plate spinach lasagna, this is the friend that had told me that he thought I was more intelligent than having a surgery, but the wife knew so she has kept my secret of not letting him know. She just couldn't believe how good I was doing. I had to show her the small incision in my belly button so she could believe me that i really had it done. After we left the home I pick up my husband and went to another friends party and there were allot of foods oh boy that was a test but everyone there knew I couldn't eat. so I just had broth and water.. Was tempted with the almond raspberry cake but it pass.

anyways  I 've been having a bit of problem trying to sleep because could only sleep on my back sideways is a bit uncomfortable. that is all for now...


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