6 Months post op

Nov 01, 2007

Wow, I can't believe it has been 6 months. I lost 67 lbs pre op. My insurance wanted proof that I was serious about loosing weight. I had no problems with the surgery. Dr. Novak is very qualified, but doesn't have the greatest bed side manner. Benny, the nut, is friendly, and takes her time to answer any questions you have. I reccomend this site, and asking other people who have had this surgery done questions, so you can be well informed of the procedure. I still get very, very hungry. I can eat much more then the 1 cup that is allowed at 6 months. I do get resentful about all of the types and amounts of food I have given up. (I don't eat any breads, white flour, fried things, or any sugars). Yes, I can hear the old timers on this site screaming at me, this is just a tool. The surgery doesn't make you not hungry, or even stop the thoughts of food going through your head. Every single day I struggle to maintain my diet. Pre op I  lost 67 lbs. Post op 6 months later I have lost 54 lbs. Total being 121 lbs. Would I have it done again? Ummmmmmmm yea, I sometimes, would say no though. I think there are pros and cons, that equal out the answer. I did not have this surgery done so I could look better. I have medical problems, that helped me to make the choice to have this done. I do admit a few of my illnesses have improved. I take less medicine. I also; do aquatic exercises 75 minutes, 5 times a week. Most of the answers on this side differ greatly. But, this is mine.  

Pre surgery 5/1/07 Early in the morning

Jul 27, 2007

Tomorrow I have my surgery in the morning. i am nervous, but not too much yet. I think as the night goes on, I may become more anxious. My son came to town, and my daughter is here with me for the surgery. I will  post again as soon as I can. The hospital stay is usually 2 and a half days. Hope to post again soon.

Third month post op update.

Jul 26, 2007

Hi Everyone, Had third month post op check up today. Including the diet I put myself on 6 months pre surgery, I have now lost 101 lbs. I have lost 32 lbs post surgery.(3 months)  I have very little problems or side effects. Although I can eat 8 oz of food at a time. BUT; am very careful what I eat. Very low calorie, and try to make it protien. I do water aroebics 4 x weekly for an hour, and walk another day of the week. I guess I am doing something right. There are really rough times, and I resent what I cannot eat. Even resent when I see my family eat things that we always shared as a family meal. I am trying hard to deal with these times.  The only thing I can do, is keep trying.

I am proud.

Jun 30, 2007

Second month post. Only lost 3 lbs in one month. Dr. was not happy. Oh well, I am staying on the diet, and exercising 5 days a week. I am in a stall. Pre op I lost 67 lbs by being on a self appointed diet of 900 calories a day. Many peole have told me this is normal, and  have experienced the same thing.I have been told I lost quite a bit, and my body is adjusting. Yes dr.s know quite a bit, but go by only what their patients say. I am listening to the whole group of OH, the ones who have been there, done that. I really beat myself up after talking to him. I put a post on this site, and got lots of understanding and true experience from other members. Telling me, your ok, continue doing what I am, that I am a slow looser. I will keep my eye on this, and contact my nut if it persists. But; I am not a failure, and am true to myself, and proud.

One month Postop

May 31, 2007

One month Post op. I visited with Dr. Novak today. I have lost 16 lbs since surgery. He said I am doing good, and can now go onto regular food.  Got to admit, it has been a long road since I started 7 months ago with a 900 calorie a day diet. The reason for the 900 calorie diet, was so I could loose weight prior to surgery so I could have it done by lapro. I had lost 67 lbs pre op. I have now been on a liquid diet for 5 and 1/2 weeks. I want to run to my fridge, throw my arms around it, and scream MINE. Of course, I know better. I should be able to go swimming again soon, the scabs are getting loose. My insulin has been cut from 90 units a day to an average of 18 a day. I took 5 sugar pills a day, and now do not ingest any. I cannot say yet, that I am so thrilled to have had this surgery done. Maybe in time when I see even more results to compare to what I needed to do to get to this point. (Just being honest).

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