Not much of a story...

I am 23 yrs old I have 6 sisters and 1 brother
I am the middle child... (explains why im fat! Kidding read below) (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!) if you didnt get that go somewhere else.
Got into a lot of trouble as a teenager, considered the black sheep, bigger than most girls...

     As I am sitting here eating the last of my package of donuts.. Im trying to think of the words to tell you how I got fat... Hmm...

I ate to fucking much. Period. I am not going to sit here and tell you as a result of my painful memories of a child im fat.. No as a result of painfully shoving 3 double cheesburgers (with mac sauce), a 4 piece nugget, a small fry, and snack wrap down my throat im fat.

So this is where I am, I never considered weight loss surgery because in all honesty.. I felt I wasnt big enough.. Until I realized I couldnt last a day in NYC without dying of exhaustion.
* Visiting the best friend to go "clothes" shopping (I think I found only 4 stores that had my size) and not being able to keep up. I havent been to the city in a couple years and decided to get my fat ass up and visit her for once. Then feeling ashamed in front of my BESTIE, I mean my ride or die chick because I couldnt find one pair of jeans to go over this demolition ball of a belly. Or OoOoO get this not being able to find those perfect Air Max 90's, Nike sneaks to fit my fat feet.. I swear if I get this im sure ill end up being like 1 size 6.5 in sneaks.

Anywho.. I recently got some excellent medical coverage through my company.. Unfortunetly no one told I had a once a yr enrollment.. So I had to go an entire year without health insurance because I forgot to sign up by a certain date..

Well lately iv been getting pins and needles in my right leg and my leg never fell asleep I would just be feeling the pins and needles part!.. At first I thought RLS but im sure it has something to do with my weight... Maybe diabetes or something. Then sometimes I get this pain in my left arm... and I start thinking.. who do I know had a heart attack at 23? Oh no...

Anyway I work on behalf of one of the largest cable companies and I was given the opportunity to train a new customer service rep. Her name is Sonia and she is 19yrs old. I dont know how we got into this conversation but she informed me she had lapriscopic gastric bypass! And I was thinking shes so young and so small!! No way she couldve been big. Guys she was my weight when she had the surgery! Honestly its so hard to find someone similar in age that has had this procedure! She was a true inspiration! She said she had to give up sugar for the most part but now a-days they have so much sugar free stuff that is sweeter then sugar stuff! I was like sweet! Anyway she was kind of the icing on the cake shall I put it for pursuing this surgery.

I have a docs appt this Monday (actually same doc Sonia uses!) So I will bring up the option then.. I know I have a long way before any surgery date or approval.. but wish me luck!!!

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