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"Walden Farms has the ONLY Calorie Free, Fat Free, Sugar Free, Carb Free product line on the market. NO product line with those diet killer ingredients removed is going to taste like a high calorie, high fat, sugar and carb containing food, but for flavor they add to a bland diet; it is amazing. Finicky and critical eaters will probably continue to be finicky and critical of these products. Personally, I love them and haven't found a product I don't like. I probably wouldn't like Thousand Island dressing because I don't like Thousand Island dressing made by anyone. "

42g ORANGE(12 Pack)

"Protein is sooo necessary, there are few ways to ingest enough protein with low calorie content. I will probably supplement my protein intake with this product for a very long time."

St. Elizabeth Hospital

"The nursing staff is in the learning stage. They need training on how to help a post surgery patient out of bed."
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