15 weeks pregnant! Only 6 months out... Uh oh.

Jan 22, 2013

Just wanted to update. Any advice?


I have decided which WLS I want to go with!

May 14, 2012

After much research and speaking to people on obesity help.com as well as weightlosssurgery.com, I now know in my mind and heart that Ds Is right for me. WIth that being said, I enjoy to eat. I don't mind taking pills and I like the fact I can somewhat control my weight afterwards. I met with DR.GANTA 2 weeks ago who explained all the surgeries to me and showed me diagrams etc.  I told him I eat and enjoy food (who doesn't) and I didn't want to count calories, nor eat out of small cups, eat with baby spoons etc. I was already banded and failed. Not because I wasn't doing what I was supposed to, I didn't like the feelings of being choked, not eating meals cooked by my family etc. We are a family of eaters and we gather around the table. The DS from what I now understand will allow me to eat larger portions and enjoy my foods unlike band or Rny. Also I won't have dumping syndrome or have stoma problems. I think the only downfall I can see that will affect me besides possible infection, etc, would be having to take vitamins the rest of my life. That's fine by me. It ensures a long healthy life. And from what I read the DS is the gold standard of any WLS and has the most success weight in most weight lost and kept off, as well as reversing most obese caused illness's. I I will be the first between my sister and I to have this surgery and I am hoping to walk her through hers. She was just diagnosed with MS. So of course she will have less episodes and bad days with the more weight she loses. So I feel I am balls to the wall ready  to go! Yay me!
On a down note. My husband LOVES my current size, body, hips, thighs etc. He keeps telling me... " you don't see your beauty, do you not love yourself, does my opinion matter on what size I want my wife"......and I keep telling him honey, I can clean more, walk more, sit less, wash myself easier, wear heels, wear nicer clothes, and stand by his side at his business meetings as a queen to him and just be up to his level I feel.  He doesn't see this. He is mad I will lose my backside, and breasts and have all this extra skin. By I will be gaining more than losing in a different aspect. S he needs to see my dreams and desires and be there for me for our family! I just  wanted to write my first blog and show my excitement. Please wish me luck  and ask me any questions. Leave feedback. Beg a penal or phone buddy, or just leave a comment. 
Thank u kindly for reading and k rep me in your prayers!love and peace, 

for me and help me through this!
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