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"I was Banded June 30th, 2009. I spend $10,000 not including travel expenses. I was ok with the meeting with Dr Kuri. I was ok with the info etc. He held up a band in the meeting to the other people and told me this band is the most recent and safest, etc. I went into surgery the next day. My sister told me I stopped breathing several times after the surgery. But I dont remember. Overall experience was well. However it is Sept 2011 and I am heavier now than I was when I went in for surgery. I went in at 360 and am now 375. I havent been filled either since the initial surgery, yet wasnt told til I was already down there, I would need a fill 6 weeks after surgery. How was I going to make another trip to mexico 6 weeks later. So I gave it some time and was going to wait til I stopped barfing etc. I am an over eater. Obviously I eat unhealthy. I think my main thing was I need to learn portion control and calorie counting before I WENT in for surgery. So now, I eat what i want, as much as I want and I still have band in place? Weird. I need to find a doctor here in tx that will see me and let me know what else im doing wrong. I have emailed and phoned DR KURIS office a few times and get no response."
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