Aug 16, 2010

well this is just great! I only have 2 more hurdles and it seems that I can't get over the one because of finances! I have to see a psychologist and attend a dietary class. Well my class is scheduled for Thursday morning and me and my husband will be attending that. But I have to have $220 for the psychologist and it's just NOT in the budget right now. Things are pretty tight because of my husband being off on disability..and I thought that we could swing it...but it seems that fate is against us here. Oh well, I guess that I will try to get the money somehow and see what happens down the road. Wish us luck!

getting excited!

Aug 03, 2010

paperwork completed, CHECK...dietary class scheduled for Aug 19th...check!..psychological eval, called dr and left a message...I'm really beginning to get excited to have this done! I was a little overwhelmed at first, however, as the time flies by and things are falling into place..I'm starting to get excited...this is my second chance! my chance to improve my life quality and my HEALTH quality..I hate being on all these pills and my goal is to get healthy and STAY healthy!...wish me luck!

I need help with smoking

Jul 24, 2010

ok, I smoke and have for LOTS of years. Any ideas on how to quit before my surgery?

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Jul 24, 2010
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