My Story hummmmmm let me see! I am 36 yrs old, no children I have a cat she's my little girl! I love hanging with friends and family. I have been over wight all most all my life, I was a little skinny thing before I turned 8yrs old I think. I am feed up with the good life happing all around me but never to me. My fiends are getting married and having babies and I am just an adopted aunt again. So at the age of 36 yrs I think it is time for me to take my life back and find my happiness! I have always been pretty healthy but now that I am getting older I would like to keep it that way and I just need a little help!

Getting Ready

Well I got my date and I have 10 more days until my surgery and I have lost my mine. I feel like there is something I need to do and that I am doing somethings that I don't need to do. It seems like it is so important to get in that last bite of the food that I am going to miss. I just hope that I can be strong enough to let them good.

Almost there!

Well I have 3 days to go and I'm getting nerves. I have been on a liquid diet for the last week and it's not half bad. Everyone always says that the protein shakes are nasty but I kind of like them.

Tomorrow the sun will come out tomorrow!

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