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Dec 19, 2008

I had been thinking about doing something about my weight for a couple years but wasn't sure I was ready.  I went to the Doctor in February or March for my PAP and this was a new doctor as my other one moved away.  She mentioned my weight and asked if I considered surgery.  She also informed me that my insurance would cover it if I qualified and she was pretty sure I would.  She asked me if I would like a referral just to check things out and I said sure.  My first appt was April 24th.  In talking to the insurance person I found I was considered fast track due to no special requirements for my insurance.  All I needed now was clearance from the Psychologist and the other tests required by the Surgeon.  I finally got clearance in June and then had to wait for approval from insurance.  I could have had my surgery on July 14th but I was going to be out of town so my surgery was scheduled for August 4th.  I had lost 18 pounds on my own between February and August. 


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