I started thinking about the sleeve surgery in oct 2010 had all my test done by dec 2010  just was waiting for all the paper work and the ladies in the office to do what they needed to do, I finially got a date in march 2011 and on march 29, 2011 i had the the sleeve done was in some pain after surgery went home in a day and a half and 5 days later I can say I feel great no pain but im still having the gas pains when i sip on any water doc says that should go away.

Im 5'3 and My pre surgery wt was 253.6 and I just had my first post op appt on 4-4-2011  and I weigh 237, im havin trouble finding proetin shakes that taste good cause so far the all are yuckie,  i really dont  like shakes been tryin to make strawberry banana smoothies myself and its working out ok, im still on liquids only and im doing good so far, im still crave for all the bad things but a couple sips of water and it goes away

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