One Phonecall

Aug 19, 2008

Funny how one phonecall can absolutely change everything.  Today I got a call from Dr. Jawad's  office to say that they were ready to set a date for my surgery and without notice everything changed.  It is here...the time is here.  I used to say "someday"  I will get the WLS and now someday is 10/14/2008.  I feel like I am moving in a dream.  It is real and it is not real.  I have a million things going through my head.  Will I be successful?  Will I get bored with the lifestyle changes?  Will I wake up one day screaming take it all back?  What challenges will I face that I havent anticipated up to this point?  Will I look back and mourn the person I am right now or worse will I be ashamed of fat Martha....I hope not.  For me to say that the new Martha is better than fat Martha means that the core person I am now loses value.  I really like this her...she is one cool chick.  Man I think way too much about this  I need to check myself before I wreck myself.  OUT!

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