Almost 2 years out

Jun 04, 2009

It has almost been 2 years.  I fluxuate between 147 and 152 down from 284.  Sometimes I'm a 4 sometimes almost and 8.  I worrie cause I can eat almost anything.  Not always alot but I can snack on almost anything.  I hate by sense of smell and taste for the most part has returned.  I still don't do well with pork espically the red BBQ sauce on pork.  Milk or heavy creams I must watch also.  I do have low sugar issues now.  I don't follow the rules like I should hence some weight gain.  I love shopping though I hate my saggy boobs and flappy wrinkled arms and sharpe' puppy looking ass!!  Oh well I'd rather sport that than all the fat.  I suppose it will always be something but I am so lucky I have had no real serious issues like some have had.  I would do it all again and sooner if I had known.  I need to get back on track and stop with this junk stuff.  Most is just habit of board dume cause I can go all weekend without eating when I get out in the yard.  But my night time habits are wanting to come back to life!  I must stop!!!!


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