16 Months Post VSG - Typical Day of Food

Jul 26, 2011

I thought I'd share with you a typical day's worth of food.  I'm in the maintenance phase of my journey and recovering from 2 rounds of plastic surgery so am eating for nutrition and healing.  I'm able to maintain my weight within a 3lb range at the moment with no exercise - although I will start this again soon when I'm cleared to do so.

This comes out at about 1300 cals, 116g protein, 87g carbs, 55g fat

The majority of my carbs are from milk/yogurt and fruit/veg and from my bran buds. I hardly ever eat carbs in any other form eg muffins, bread etc

I still weigh my protein portions and eat protein first
I eat off of side plates (and always will)
I often use smaller cutlery - eg cake size
I log my food on myfitnesspal.com about once a week just to keep an eye on things
I weigh daily
I eat regularly - typically 3 meals and 3 snacks
I drink at least 120oz of water per day - often more

If I'm really trying to pack in the protein, I would add a protein shake or a protein drink (Isopure) to add 25g or 40g or protein for about an extra 110 to 160 cals - but I prefer to get my protein and cals in by eating rather than drinking if possible (having said that I LOVE my latte - it's my daily treat !)