TT & Breast Lift -3 months out - Arm&Thigh Lift - 6 weeks out

Jul 26, 2011

On Sunday it was 3 months after my Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and breast lift followed 7 weeks later by a medial thigh lift and arm lift.

The tummy and breasts are great - I'm now working on scar management - using silicon strips and contractubex gel plus some arnica oil.   I'm not suffering any swelling at all that I can notice, although this could be slightly disguised as I am still wearing a compression garment for my thighs - so maybe it's masking any tummy swelling.

My arms and thighs are healing nicely considering I'm so early out.  I still have a large lump in my right thigh which is the result of the hematoma which was drained but now needs to be readsorbed by the body which I think will take some time.  The scar has finally closed up on my thigh after I popped some stiches as a result of the hematoma.

My arms are healing nicely - though they do keep spitting out bits of stitches from time to time - which is a bit irrating - but I can live with.

I was finally cleared for driving after the thigh/arm lift and drove yesterday for the first time - driving is not too bad - but I can certainly feel it later in the day as my arms/legs swell up and get tight - no biggie - it's all part of the healing process - not helped by the fact that it was 122F yesterday so it was HOT !

I'm still in compression sleeves and leggings 24/7 - the surgeon said the longer I can keep them on the better - particularly as the skin in the arms/legs is quite thin and prone to stretching whilst it's still swollen.  Whilst they are a pain to wear I'll follow his instructions as he's my expert in this.  So I'm planning on another 3 - 4 weeks in 24/7 compression then I'll move it down to 12 hours per day so so.  I have invested in some compression exercise capris which I think will provide some well needed support too.

So, finally no more dressings to change - just manual lymphatic drainage massages to my arms and legs which I can do myself and plenty of scar massage for all of my scars plus silicon strips overnight which is totally doable.

Hopefully I'm cleared for exercise mid Aug - I can't wait - counting down the days !

Clothes wise - I've bought a few new smaller bras (36C) and panties (size 6) and am wearing trousers in size 6 and tops in either size 6 or 8 - AMAZING !!  I feel the need to go on a shopping spree but will wait for a while as I know I am still swollen and have a way to go yet - UNBELIEVABLE !!

Food wise - am concentrating on protein and having some carbs - eg Allbran, Wholewheat toast etc - maintaining between 160lbs - 163lbs - but I want to get to 159lbs so need to work on this - albeit it's not urgent I need to make sure my body has enough nutrients to repair itself.

Anyway here are some progress pics.