Exercise - post plastic surgery

Aug 08, 2011

So I went to see my plastic surgeon yesterday as I had some more rogue stitches which needed to be removed & he CLEARED ME FOR EXERCISE !!! Yay - I have been so desperate to get back into the gym !

Good news, he also said I don't need to wear my compression garments anymore.  I was so pleased I took the shorts off in the office and refused to put them back on !  I am still wearing my sleeves as my arms are very numb and they don't feel right when the garments are not on yet.  I'll start weaning myself off of them slowly.

I did have a discussion with him about the size of my thighs after my thigh lift - he thinks my thighs are a great size and in proportion to my body - though I can't see that as I can still grab some skin & fat (but I think my head is not caught up with my body yet).  I'm not ungrateful for the work he's done - I guess I am so pleased with my breasts and tummy, it's difficult when you are not so pleased with the next stage.  To be honest I'm still swollen - but think I often forget this when I look in the mirror, I also have a selective memory about how bad I used to look and I do find it hard to see my true size - I've mentioned this in other posts before.  Anyway, on reflection and after looking at myself long & hard in a full length mirror (which does make a difference - we don't have any in the appt) - I think he is right and that my thighs are in proportion to the rest of me.  It's not the scars - I am more than happy with them, it's not the bruising and swelling from the hematoma as I know this will go - it's just the general size of my thighs which to me seem large - BUT I am wearing size 10/12 trousers so I know they are not large - just a bit of a head fug going on.

I'm still pushing and pulling the odd stitch out of my arms and legs - the disolvable stitches haven't all disolved and sometimes I need to push those out as they make my arms sore and they start pushing through my incision.  I'm also pulling out or trimming the odd black or blue stitch as they come to the surface - or get them dealt with by the surgeon if they are a bit stuck !

Anyway, today I went to the gym - I was surprised how much my fitness has slipped - but am sure that I will soon be able to work up to my previous levels.  I did some running (1.6k's, some X Trainer and some weights) generally I felt ok - but got tired quickly and could feel it pulling on the scars and also could feel a kind of numb/swelling (if that makes sense?) - I wasn't uncomfortable - just burned out a bit quicker than I thought I would.

I'm also starting back at pilates reformer classes tomorrow and RPM on Thursday which is great as I have really missed my classes, exercise buddies and routines - its also Ramadan here so no eating /drinking outside between sunrise & sunset - so it's good to have a purpose to go out (you can usually drink discreetly at exercises classes).

I also bought a new swimming costume today as I'm not yet brave enough to wear my new bikini - I got UK size 12 and it's too big !! - so think that the size 10 will be perfect - that's a US 6 - I know I've mentioned sizes before - but I still can't quite get my head around sizes !

So here's a reminder of my exercise journey in pics, including one today.  I can't believe what I looked like when I started exercising at 262lbs - and this was 37lbs lower than my starting weight !  (& NO that's not a burger bag in my hand in the first shot - though it does look like one ! - it's a bag from the organic shop).