17 Months Post VSG Pics & EXERCISE post plastics - YEAH !

Aug 11, 2011

Hey blog - here are my 17 month progress pics.  Down 140lbs since surgery and kinda at goal (read my previous post).  I had my VSG in March 2010 @ 299lbs & as of today amd @ 160lbs (okay actually only 139lbs down - but hey - call me out if you want to!).  I'm also 4 months post Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and breast lift, and 2 months post Arm & Thigh Lift.

The gym pics were taken this morning - day 3 of being cleared for exercise after my plastic surgery - YEAH - and coz I worked a bit too hard in the gym this morning (a 5k and some weights - oops sorry I got carried away !) I'm super swollen - but heh - it will get better.

PS if you don't have a full length miror - you can always cheat - elevator pics and sneaky gym pics are my new obsession ! (not been caught out yet - but I've had a few near misses !)

The pic on the far right is a reminder of how big my thighs were before losing weight (actually I'd already lost 40lbs - but it's the first shot of me in gym kit) and my thigh lift and how they are today - for some reason a few days ago I thought they were still too big and had a word about this with my surgeon - but you know what - the more I look at them - the more I LOVE THEM ! - and YES they are still swollen & bruised !

Oh yeah - the hairdresser today (who I've never met before) - told me that I had the wrong haircut and it didn't suit my slim face (yes he said slim !!) - he said that I had a cut suitable for someone with a rounder face (aka me 17 months ago !!) - and that he could give me a much more suitable cut which would flatter my features - so I've completely fallen for this line and am having a new haircut next week.  Mind you - he also said it would make me look in my late 20's/early 30's and make my husband very happy ! - given I'm 44 now - I'll take that as well - yes Mr Lebanese hairdresser - flattery for this chick - will get you everywhere !!! - THANK YOU !