I've moved on ....

Nov 13, 2011

Ooops - sorry blog followers and OH readers - I've become a terrible OH blogger !

I got a comment on my blog a few days ago, and an email from a fellow OH'er a few weeks ago checking I was ok and this prompted me to realise that I haven't blogged for a while again - I am sorry - I really wanted to 'pay it back' to other people going through weight loss and plastics so that my experiences could help others as others have helped me and to some extent I've done this as I've blogged about every step of my journey until about 18 months out and for me  I guess the 18 month point is the stage where I realised that I've moved on and no longer really think too much about my VSG surgery or my plastics (TT and Breast Lift) 7 months ago and (thigh and arm lift) 5 months ago.

I'm still within my target weight range and find maintaining quite easy - I still focus on nutrition so protein first, but heh I'm human so do have food and alcohol treats and goodies which I really enjoy.  I'm still maintaining my fitness and am on track to do a 10k run and 1/2 marathon (23k's) in Jan and Feb next year.

My scars are healing well from all of my plastics and I see my surgeon next month for the final pics and sign off and then I really have completed my journey.

I still support ladies who live in the Middle East who have had/or are thinking about weight loss surgery and meet up with some of the ladies regularly - I really enjoy that as it's great to share experiences and the highs/lows of our journey.

I'm beginning to come to terms with being smaller - I think my head is beginning to catch up with the body which is great - though I've still not bought a full length mirror - so regularly make the security guys laugh as I am checking myself out in the mirrors in the lift to our appartment.
  I'm much more body conscious now - an extra 5lbs on my smaller frame is the equivalent of 25lbs on a heavier one and I can feel it - both in terms of my body composition and in terms of the way my clothes fits - so please be patient if a skinny friend frets about an extra couple of pounds - because believe me - you do notice it and it does bother you - as much as an extra 25lbs bothers a bigger person.

I'm currently on holiday in Indonesia and have just been on a 3 day trip on a boat to see Orangutans in Borneo which was amazing - what was more amazing was how great the trip was now that I'm so much smaller and more agile.  I didn't really appreciate that until I took a look at a few pictures from the last river boat trip we took in India 4 years when I was probably at my heaviest.  I've even bravely including a few pictures of me in a swimsuit at my heaviest compared to one taken today.  These are probably some of my less flattering bigger pictures which I've never been brave enough to share until today - I guess I feel that I owe it to you guys and myself to be honest about where my weight loss journey started and as to where it's ended - not that I'm giving up - just that I'm happy at being me and am proud of the decisions I made to have my VSG surgery and my plastics - I'm proud of the work I put into getting fit and healthy and most of all I'm very pleased that I found OH and learned from others and hopefully you can learn from me too.

I will blog occassionally, just not as often :-) as life continues for me much better than it did before I undertook this journey.

Not bad for a 45 year old heh ??