Set-Up Your Message Board Settings And Signatures

To add your signature, go to “Settings”


Click on the “Message Board” tab


Signatures cannot be taller than 144 pixels (two inches), and Flash is not allowed in your signature.

You can use the editor to customize your signature the way you would like it. Just add your customization, check the box that says "Enable My Signature" and click "Save"!


When customizing your signature with links, images and text - this cannot be for a business or for profit. If they are, we ask that they be removed.

Advertising and Selling: Unsolicited advertising or other forms of solicitation, including but not limited to monetary donations for personal profit, are not allowed. Members who are affiliates/referrers for a company may not advertise or push a product or company on the message boards. Members found to be receiving financial gain or kickbacks for this type of advertising may be removed for abuse of the system.

You can add an ObesityHelp Ticker to your Signature

  1. Go to My OH, then "Health Tracker" then Tickets & Widgets.
  2. Under Tickers, you can create your custom ticker. As you create it, you will see your ticker display.
  3. Check the box, "Add to messageboard signature" then click "Save Ticker"
  4. You can now go back to your Message Board Settings area to confirm that your Ticker is there.
  5. Check the box that says, "Enable My Signature" and click "Save".
  6. Your ticker will now be showing on your posts.




To Control Your Message Board Settings

Go to "Settings" and then click on the "Message Board" tab. In this area you can control:

  1. Default View Preference - You can view the message board by Most Recently Created Topics or Topics with Most Recent Posts
  2. Topics Per Page - The default is 15 but you can select 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30.
  3. Default Editor Type - You can select your preferred editor here.  Text, HTML #1, or HTML #2.
  4. Hide Signatures - You can hide signatures by checking the box.
  5. Allow Adult Content - This allows you to see words on the message board with out asterix that may be filtered as profanity, and also gives access to images or forums that may have profanity or nudity without giving you an adult content warning each time.


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