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Obesity & Me

Describe your behavioral and emotional battle with weight control before learning about bariatric surgery.

I was a large child but we'll proportioned so people didn't see me as fat, just healthy. After my second child that changed. I gained 85 pounds during my pregnancy and that was the beginning of my downward slide. I have tried every diet out there, weight watchers, Dr. Bernstein, Atkins and every possible fad diet available. Losing the weight was easy, gaining it all back was even easier, adding on a few pounds to boot. Athe 53 I realize that it's not really about losing the weight but more about changing how I look at food. I see my mother who is what the doctors call morbidly obese, with diabetes, heart disease and unable to walk and I see myself in a couple of decades. This is not what I want for my life, or for my children to experience.

What was (is) the worst thing about being overweight?

The inability to participate in life. For example everyone going zip linking but not being able to because my hips were too wide.

If you have had weight loss surgery already, what things do you most enjoy doing now that you weren't able to do before?

Haven't had the surgery but looking forward to ziplinning

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