Getting Started with ObesityHelp Message Boards

ObesityHelp Message Boards are public online support forums where you can get together to talk about what is going on in your weight loss surgery journey.  There are a large variety of message boards from surgery type, location based, surgery month & year, medical conditions, weight loss related and even a couple off topic message boards.  We also have a main message board!  Jump on in and get posting or read for awhile, if the public message boards aren't for you - we also lots of other ways to get and give support such as OH Groups and Q&A!

In Navigation, click on "Forums"

This is your starting point to get to the forums.  "See All"  will take you to a page that lists all forums.


To view your post history, go to My OH -> Post History


To see what current topics are trending, stop by the homepage

These topics change often and are automatically curated from all forum activity.  We've seen so many amazing, helpful, and inspirational threads here!


To start a new topic, click the blue "New Topic" button

On the main message board, you can click the  "Subscribe" button to receive a newsletter digest of topics.

You can view by topic or recent post. You can also see a list of members that have posted within the past year.

Hover over someone's avatar to see more options

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