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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Bariatric Center

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Sue Walker
Social Worker
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Angela Fenton
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Evgeniya Larionova
Nurse Practioner (NP)
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Linda Trainor
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Daniel B. Jones
MD, Chief, Bariatric & Minimally Invasive Surgery

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    Respectful, Personalized Weight Loss Care The Weight Loss Surgery Center at BIDMC provides care that is personal, understanding and respectful of each individual's privacy. We see our patients as people with specific, unique needs. In recent years, we have slowly begun to understand obesity as a chronic disease that requires medical attention. For many people with this devastating illness, diets alone rarely, if ever, produce results. Weight loss surgery may offer hope of significant and lasting weight loss. ObesityHelp Contributing Author Team Sue Walker and Angela Fenton Bariatric Surgery: Mental Health Preparedness is Important Evgeniya LarionovaHow Bariatric Surgery Can Impact Endocrine Dysfunction Linda Trainor 8 Helpful Tips To Avoid Being a Non-Compliant Patient After WLS
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    avatar BostonJoe on Nov. 17, 2014 for Daniel B. Jones

    Dr. Jones is terrific. He can be a little abrupt in his manner, but I figure that's because he's extremely busy. He did an excellent job on my VSG, and has been helpful post surgery as well.

    avatar nicholecd on March 22, 2013 for Daniel B. Jones

    LOVE THIS MAN!! My RNY saved my life!! Thank you, Dr Jones, and your entire team for giving me a new outlook on life!!! Overall I give Dr Jones a 10 out 10!

    avatar Lauracat on May 26, 2012 for Daniel B. Jones

    At frist i was kind of truned off by Dr Jones he spent about 5 mins with me at my pre opt becuse he fell behind and the person in front of me was a Dr and he had a text book full of questions More...

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