Alan Newhoff

Bariatric Surgeon
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Alan Newhoff Bariatric Surgeon M.D.,F.A.C.S.

38 yr Experience

27 yr in Bariatrics

15 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

0 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

99% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 16

Max Age of Patient is 60

160 Reviews for Alan Newhoff
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Dr. Newhoff and his staff were awesome. My only negative is that he is now retired and I cannot get my medical records but that is my fault not his.


My first impression; he seemed a bit cold and serious. He was thorough and listened during office visits. He is a great surgeon. He is just a no nonsense get down to business type person. His office staff was always friendly, courteous and professional. In my opinion they go above and beyond to help their patients. The very truthful,clear and strict about what is expected from patients. Aftercare is very important as is a serious comittment to making a life change. There's a required number of follow up visits, diet, exercise, supplements. All of this is explained and given in written form. He addresses surgery risks openly,honestly. He will answer any and all questions. Overall he is a great surgeon. If my family member needed WLS I'd tell them to see Dr.Newhoff without a doubt. Surgical competence is definitely his strong suit. If you want a great bedside manner -move along. Understand doctors need to be detached to a certain extent each one is different. We patients come in assorted personalities as well.


Dr. Newhoff was very knowledgeable. He has been doing a form of this sugery for 27 years. He was very knowledgeable about the procedure.rnrnHe is very strict when it comes to following procedures for after surgery care and pre-surgery restrictions. He will not do surgery if you have not quit smoking. He insists that you walk immediately after surgery for your own health benefits.


My first impression was that although he was to the point and had very little time for nonsense he was extremely experienced and well versed in this surgery. I like the fact that he wants what is best for his patients and will only take those that have met certain requirements.rnrn I have found him in the time I first began our relationship to be extremely funny, intelligent to a degree that is charming, and so capable and curious after all the time he has spent doing these surgeries , I really feel that he has a huge investment in this procedure and is honest about everything. He certainly is not there to push anything on anyone , he cerrtainly has enough demand for his services. I feel so fortunate that he was on my insurances list of providers.rn Dr. Newhoffs staff was always helpful and called me back when I had questions even pre-op.rn Future patients should know that if you are not serious about the surgery this is not the Dr. for you, he sees his patients as a direct reflection on him, he is not easily fooled, and certainly appreciates honesty, I know he has tested me a couple times pre=surgery and was smiling when I was honest with him, also very encouraging of your prospects if you are a compliant patient and willing to do the work neccessaryrnto heal and recover the way he wants. ONE thing to remember if you promise to walk (very important) after surgery and then lie there in bed complaining it hurts he will cut off your pain meds toot sweet. I was up walking right away so I never faced that, but he did warn another lady who flat refused to get up.rn I find him to be very helpful and encouraging in my aftercare,like I said though he is blunt and to the point. He will go to any lengths to help you if YOU are putting forth the effort also.rnrnThere are support groups and classes available although I have not been able tot ake advantage of them since I live so far away.rnrn He certainly agdressed all the risks involved with the surgery. I fully understood what could happen to me as a rsult of this major surgery.rnI would rate him excellent overall and woukld recommend him to anyone. He is skilled, competant and very knowledgable about this surgery.rn I find him to be utterly delightful, but I understand that some find him dry, and somewhat distant. I personally could give a rip about bedside manner when someone is as fantastic at surgery as this brilliant man is. He also stitches his patients instead of stapling which is better as far as I am concerned. I have felt better every day, and when in the hospital I had a high fever and he was called at home, he told me to get in the shower hold on tight and cough like hell and I would get better, HE WAS RIGHT!! It wasn't the easiest thing in the world but he has so much invested in the health and well being of his patients he knows what is right and best and is willing to give the hard news instead of a pill or something that won't really help the problem anyhow.


I loved Dr Newhoff. I wish he had not retired before I reached goal weight I think he would be proud


Terrific surgeon - Would go with him again


Dr. Newhoff was wonderful from my first visit to my last. His office staff was great. Unfortunately he has retired. (I guess for him that would be fortunate.) His replacement is Dr. Terry Simon. He is also a great doctor and has been very good with my continued follow-up care.rnrnDr. Newhoff was very informative on the surgery, making sure I understood everything it involved, including risks. Aftercare was very important to him. rnrnSome people told me he didn't have the greatest bedside manner, but for me he was very kind. I had no regrets on my decision to go with him for my surgery.


My surgeon just retired but his partner is still practicing at Arizona Bariatric and that is Dr. Simon. They are both wonderful. I would recommend them highly. The staff is made up of mostly bariatric patients so they know first hand what the patient needs and the process. The aftercare has been fantastic. Calls to see if I am doing well, several appointments set up with my surgeon personally to ensure that I am recovering well, they are very dilligent and caring. Insurance processes are very difficult no matter where you go, this staff is commited to getting the surgery approved and is in constant contact with the patient and insurer to get things taken care of as quickly as possible. With all the efforts it still took almost a year to get approved.


I love Dr. Newhoff! I am three months post-op and it has been great! The first consult was very thorough of his expectations of the patient, the history, and risks of surgery. I came from out of state and he worked with me. I was able to go to my 2 pre-op groups the same day as my medical visit, the Fri. before my Mon. surgery. rnHe came in often to check on me at the hospital. Yes, he is no nonsense like others say, but he is funny and personable. He chatted with my dad about books they like. rnAt my sixth week check up my mom and I were amazed at how much time he spent with me. She said she hadn't seen a doctor spend that much time with a patient in years.rnThere is one person in his office I don't like, who I felt wasn't very nice when I tried to call for information, but Dr. Newhoff and his skill was way more important! I was out the third day, never had to take pain medicine at home, and was back to work in 2 weeks. It has been amazing! rnrnrnIt is now 2.5 years later. I am still doing great, still thrilled with my outcome and Dr. Newhoff. He still had me come see him every few months, I am going again, even after 2 and half years. Every visit he fills out a paper for your file. He still wants to know how much protein I am getting, what kinds of food I eat, if I exercise, take my supplements, if I still throw up, takes lab work every year, and just keeps up to date on me. rnEvery visit is through and he actually sits and talks with me about adjustments and how life is going. rnrnI would say he is wonderful for followup care! I have not heard of any surgeons as good with after care.


Newhoff is great. My sister had him, and she lost 160 lbs-- that was 4 years ago. I have lost 80 lbs in 4 months! He knows his stuff, and will tell it like it is. We need more surgeons out there who actually care about us the way he does!

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