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Alex Espinal Bariatric Surgeon M.D.

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He was great! Very personable and very professional. Explained everything in great detail.rnHis office staff are great to work with.rnThere is nothing I dislike about him.rnHe cares about each of his patients and knows them by name even when he sees them outside the office.rnHe emphasizes aftercare very strongly. He states that we are now family.rnYes hey has a structured aftercare program.rnHe went over all the risks involved with my husband and myself.rnI would rate him as an excellent choice when choosing a surgeon.rnI don't think you could find anyone with any better surgical competence than he, nor his beside manner.rn


I LOVE this man. He has been so great. Doesn't look at you like you are a freak!!!! He is very kind and takes the time to answer all your questions.


I met Dr. Espinal at a weight loss seminar. He was very straight forward and seemed very compassionate to the plight of morbidly obese people. It didn't hurt that he was VERY easy on the eyes! :) During my first appt. with him I realized my first impression was correct, he was compassionate and understanding of where I was coming from and what I was going through. There was one staff member I did not care for, very abrupt and unfriendly but for the most part the staff has been great so far, Greta obviously runs the show and is busy but finds the time to help and answer your questions. Dr. Espinal seems to be very thorough, i had to attend another seminar, go to the nutrionist to make sure I fully understood the diet I would have to be on after the surgery and a psych consult. So far I would highly recommend him to anyone I know wanting to have the surgery.


Very easy to talk to. Wonderful bedside manner.

No, it never changed.


I would have to call to get any answers. They never called me.


My first impression of Dr. Espinal was very good. He did not rush me, and he explained things very well. I was trully happy with him. He answered all of my questions and made me like a person very deserving of this surgery. I walked out of his office hopefull and feeling positive about the whole procedure. My impression never changed about him until I started to work with his staff. I am not even sure who it was I delt with, I can not remember her name - I am sure I blocked it out. I know she was not one of his nurses. I believe she worked mostly on insurance "stuff". All I can remember is that seemed to be a very cold person. I thought she would be more helpful than she was. I am sure she was only doing her job, but it was done with out heart. She made me feel like I was just another case, someone who could not approval through insurance. If I had an opportunity to go back to Dr. Espinal and receive the surgery I would NOT if she was still part of his staff. I personally liked him. His professionalism was outstanding. Thank you!!!


Dr. Espinal was great!!! He never rushes you out of his office, he answers any questions you have. His staff remembers me every time I come in for an appointment. He is vey carinf and patient. No complaints!!!!


Dr. Espinal has been great. He is one of the few doctors that does not try to make you feel like a naughty child for "letting" your weight get so out of control, which for me meant that I would never darken their door again.

The staff in his offices are outstanding. Greta was especially wonderful when I turned into her least favorite pest to make sure that I got approved as quickly as possible.

I have already started to attend the support group that Dr. Espinal recommended and enjoy it immensely.

Dr. Espinal made sure that I understood exactly what I was getting into and wasn't put off by the questions that I asked. I already have a list to check off for my pre-op appt.


It is now Christmas Day of 2003 and I just got approved yesterday after my first appeal. I first saw Dr. Espinal in Feb. 2003. I loved him immediately. I have been trying to get an approval for this surgery for 4 years and he had no doubts that we would get an approval for me. I have seen 2 other bariatric surgeons in the last 4 years and Dr. Espinal is by far the most excited about what he is doing. He explained everything to me. He does all of his surgeries with his partner, and so the risk factors are less because the 2 of them are experts in this field. I can't wait to get going!
I work at the hospital where the surgery is performed and over time when I see Dr. Espinal in the hallway, he keeps telling me to not give up even though I was denied. He was very encouraging and upbeat every time I would run into him at the hospital.

Dr. Espinal is a 10 and a half so far!! I cant wait for the surgery!


Dr. Espinal is incredibly sensitive and very kind. My first meeting with him was wonderful, I didn't feel rushed or pushed to neglect questions I had. He was well informed, and the correct mix of serious and encouraging, but with facts and statistics to answer my questions. His nurses were kind as well; there was an incident with the table tipping a bit, and she was so sweet she went and got me a stool to use so that wouldn't happen again. I was overwrought, having no idea what my true weight was, and I'm sure she had no idea why I was very emotional at the moment I first arrived and was weighed, but she handled it beautifully. I have to say the entire staff was excellent. They have a very structured program, have done hundreds of these surgeries, never lost a single patient, and never had to move from a laparascopic to open procedure. They have two surgeons present for every surgery - and they accept medicaid patients. I'll update this after I have had surgery, but I truly can't imagine not being happy with them! My only suggestion would be to move the extra heavyweight scale to a more private location.


Dr. Espinal performed lung surgery on my dad so I already knew he was a fantastic Dr. I love him to death. He saved my dads life. This I know for a fact.I think he told me a lot about the surgery, the dangers, and what to expect after the surgery.I just think he is the best. He is sweet and is very concerned for the wellfare of his patients. He also interacts with the community. He's just a another one of us.

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