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Dmitri Baranov Bariatric Surgeon MD, PhD, FACS

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148 Reviews for Dmitri Baranov
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Dr. Baranov and his whole team are amazing from the seminar to the follow-up. I am super excited that I decided to go with Dr. Baranov for my life change, I feel that I am fully supported even after surgery. All the knowledge I have gained during the process tells me that I am going to be super successful on this journey.

July 27, 2021


Dr. Baranov and his staff are the very best at what they do. I have felt confident and safe in Dr. Baranov's care since my very first appointment, and I highly recommend him. He is very strict and his instructions are very explicit, which only aids in my success. Questions are encouraged, so I have never been left wondering about anything. His staff is absolutely top-notch, well-informed, and is always pleasant to work with. I feel fortunate to be in Dr. Baranov's care, and highly recommend him!

July 21, 2021


Dr. Baranov really cares about his patients. Him and his staff where always very helpful anytime I needed anything or had questions. From the start of my process with his seminar to my surgery date and after, he was very informative. A few days after my surgery, he called me himself to check to see how I was feeling and wanted to know if I had any questions or concerns. To me, that right there shows what type of doctor he is. It wasn’t his staff calling, it was him personally. Hands down one of the best doctors I’ve ever met, and I’ve worked in a hospital for over 13 years so that says a lot. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!

July 5, 2021


Dr. Baranov and his staff are truly top notch. I am 3 days post-op, have no pain and feel great. The care I received was above and beyond, with him checking in over the weekend to make sure everything was going smoothly. If you are considering weight loss surgery, you will be treated with the best care and consideration by Dr. Baranov and his staff, as they truly want you to succeed on your weight loss journey.

June 26, 2021


I am 1 week post op and my experience so far has been top notch. I had looked into this a few years ago and had even gone to an in person information group session. I wasn't ready then. This past spring I joined in on one of the information web calls and then followed up and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Baranov and every staff member that I have met have been very knowledgeable. Each has been kind and courteous. Dr Baranov has things set up for you after that initial consultation that I found put me on the right track almost immediately. He set a reasonable goal weight pre-surgery and made sure that I visited several other health professionals to ensure I was ready in both mind and body. The pressure I have put on myself to succeed in this life change is the only pressure I have felt. I know that with the support of my wife, family and Dr Baranov's staff I will get healthier.

June 13, 2021


Dr. Baranov made me feel that I was in safe and experienced hands. He is very knowledgeable and he made sure that I understood every single step of the process. He was very patient in answering my questions while educating me with info that is pertinent to my success. His staff is always professional and friendly for every one of my visits. I am highly impressed with the medical services that I have received. He has made this process much less intimidating; which allowed me to be confident in my decision to undergo surgery and commit to new healthier lifestyle. I am so excited for my new journey!! Thank you, Dr. Baranov!!

June 13, 2021


After years of struggling and Yo-yoing with weight issues, reaching my heaviest and having a total hip replacement I needed a life style change for my health and well-being. I finally seeked help with Dr. Dmitri Baranov with Saratoga Hospital. I had to lose a few pounds before I could have the bypass. With help from using the Saxenda injection used daily I was able to reach my pounds plus needed for the surgery in 4 months. I had the surgery 3 weeks ago and I was expecting to be in alot more pain and discomfort. With Dr. Baranov using the surgical robot it was alot less invasive. He had to correct 2 hernias and some scar tissue while in there. He did a fantastic job and the most discomfort I had was getting rid of the gas they used during the procedure. I'm very pleased with Dr. Baranov and I highly recommend him for weight loss help... He even took time to call me on a Sunday evening to checkup on me... Thank You Dr. Baranov and your staff

June 10, 2021


If you are having second thoughts or are anxious about having surgery, please do not. Dr, Baranov is one of the best doctors I have had with weight loss. He is very thorough with his instructions and his staff takes very good care of you. If you have a question about anything do not hesitate to call the office. I also recommend watching the seminar that is first offered to know what the surgery is all about.

June 7, 2021


If you’ve considered or are considering WLS, do it, follow through. I’m 61 and after years of dieting, crash diets, gimmicks, I stopped trying. September 2020 my spine gave way and the orthopedic surgeon said he couldn’t operate because I was too big. He suggested bariatric surgery to lose weight to possibly alleviate spine issues. Fast forward to January 2021, my first appointment with Dr. Baranov. It was intense, informative, scary and relieving at the same time. I was completely at peace with my decision because I knew I was in great hands. His staff were so helpful through it all. No fears, no anxiety. My surgery date was 5/26/2021 and I feel great! Surgery was just over an hour and now 4 days post op, I’m sipping required liquids, walking, NO PAIN! None! I’m determined on this journey and I know my surgeon and his team will always be there! Don’t delay. Get informed, get your mind in the right place for success and get going! You’ve got SO much to lose! Thank you, Dr. Baranov for believing in me.

May 30, 2021


5/10/2021 Gastric By-Pass surgery with Dr. Dmitri V. Baranov of Saratoga Hospital. After several failed weight loss attempts, something had to be done. I started my research on-line and speaking with several others, Dr. Baranov was clearly the best for this surgery.
After attending the virtual seminar, I met with Dr. Baranov and his team a few weeks later. My initial appointment was about 2 hours. Dr. Baranov was very thorough, answered all my questions and never made me feel rushed. I had known I made the right decision with Dr. Baranov; he truly cares about his patients and only wants the best possible outcome for you.
The office staff now stepped in to coordinate a few additional appointments needed to be completed prior to scheduling a surgery date, saving me time having to set them up myself. Once I successfully completed everything the Dr. had asked of me, the call came in with my surgery date. I was so excited and nervous at the same time…it was GO time.
I met with Dr. Baranov one last time before my surgery to go over everything to expect and what he expected of me. My plan for the next 2 months was clearly laid out for me and my success.
Morning of surgery: I was a bit nervous until Dr. Baranov walked in. He went back over with me what to expect and what he would like me to do once in my room. At that moment all the nerves went away. Next thing I was waking up in my private room with little to no discomfort. I was able to get out of bed and get myself dressed and started walking and “sipping” water. I continued to walk hourly and focused on “sipping” I slept well that night, woke up and showered, and started walking and “sipping” again. No discomfort at all…. amazing. Dr. Baranov had come up in the morning to check in, shared some pictures of the surgery with me and came back up again in the early afternoon. After reviewing my success plan for the next 7 weeks, I was ready to go home. I had left the hospital by 1 pm.
A few days later the hospital had called to check in on my progress.
Once I was home, I focused on walking and “sipping” my fluids while keeping a journal. I was still in shock that I had no pain at all. I felt GREAT and every day was getting better and better. Dr. Baranov called me Sunday night to see how I was feeling, go over my journal and talk about next steps. Again, never rushed me off the phone.
Every step of the way has been a positive experience from his office staff to Dr. Baranov to Saratoga Hospital. I look forward to my journey with Dr. Baranov and his team at my side.

If you are thinking about having this surgery, Dr. Baranov is top notch and has one goal in mind……. YOU!

May 17, 2021

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