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Dmitri Baranov Bariatric Surgeon MD, PhD, FACS, FASMBS, DABOM

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I am almost three years post Gastric Bypass, which Dr. Dmitri Baranov.
From day one I have never felt like just a patient by Dr. Baranov or even his staff, your success was their goal and would give you all the tools you needed to be successful.
I have gone from 248 pounds to now 165 pounds. I am able to sit on the floor with my grand children and play with them, I’m able to do everyday chores with out being out of breath because of the weight I was caring around, BUT the best thing, for me, was the day I was able to cross my legs like a woman and not a man.
You will go through so many emotions during this journey, embrace them all and know that this is a great new beginning of a new you.

Jan. 30, 2023


Today is my Surgiversary!! 1 years ago today I was given the tool to lose over 100lbs and gain my life back. In that time, I have lived, learned and loved myself more and more. Dr B and staff have been beyond amazing! Without their support and encouragement, I am not sure I would be where I am today. On this day, I stood proudly on the scale knowing that if I follow his successful tips, I will never be ashamed of getting on that scale! Thank you for making today such a memorable day for me.

Jan. 19, 2023


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I had the pleasure of working with Dr B and his wonderful staff recently when I decided to make a life change. I attended a webinar which led me into the office asking more questions which led me to feeling like the new person I feel today. I could not have asked for a better experience. Dr B is wonderful. He really listens to your concerns, and answers any questions you may have. The process is flawless. From the check in ladies to the PA’s, Nurses and Nutrition staff, I could not have felt in better hands. I cannot forget about Dr B’s scheduler who worked magic during COVID to make sure surgeries were still happening and keeping to the mandates. She was amazing to work with. She had everything all written down in an easy to read sheet with everything you needed to know. They left minimal things for me to have to worry about. His office is ran like a well oiled machine. If you are having any thoughts of doing this, I suggest attending the webinar. You won’t be sorry you did.

I am 1 week post-op and feeling amazing. I walk everyday and do all of the things I was before but with more energy. I have used Tylenol once since being home and that was for a headache. I felt good the day I left the hospital. It was a very easy surgery and recovery has been simple. Follow Dr B green sheet and you can’t go wrong. Sip, sip, sip… walk, walk , walk. My only regret during this process was being afraid of the word surgery and not taking the time to educate myself sooner.

Jan. 28, 2022


I had my surgery RNY gastric bypass on 1/4/23 Doctor Baranov is a really good surgeon and I'm happy he is the one who done my surgery . I know surgery is scary but that is with any surgery all surgery has risk . But you should put the risk aside and do what is best for your health and I'm happy I did that .

Jan. 8, 2023


I highly recommend Dr Baranov. I just had surgery and honestly I’m surprised by how well I feel. It’s been only a little over a week and I am moving around really well, I’m not in any pain, I’m doing well on the liquid diet and I’m am not even hungry! I’m shocked! AND I’ve lost 15 pounds! The whole process from the time I made the decision to do this to now has been a great experience. Dr Baranov is very particular about making sure you are ready to have the surgery, having a team of nutritionist checking in with you and going through physiological reviews to make sure you are ready, to the different medical test, I walked into the surgery with confidence that everything would go well. And it has. Thank you I feel like I’ve made the best decision of my life by having this done.

Dec. 19, 2022


He is passionate about helping people reach their weight goals and goes above and beyond to the satisfaction of his patients

Dec. 11, 2022


My friend had a Bariatric bypass 2 yrs ago and I was so impressed with how happy and healthy she is now, I had to look into it. From the start, Dr. Baranov and the Saratoga Bariatric Center made this an easy process. I'm 1 week past my surgery and I feel good. I know this was the right decision for me, to be healthy and happy for decades to come.
Each step is explained in detail. Always someone to answer a question if it can't be found on the papers they send home with you at each visit. I was treated with respect and support.
The day of the surgery, I was fully prepared for what to expect. All of the nurses were fantastic. Dr. Baranov spoke with me prior and made me feel safe. I was nervous but once I was laying there speaking with the Dr, I knew I would be fine.
A few hours later, I woke up in very nice room, a bit dizzy but I felt good.
I was out of the hospital 18 hrs later and on my way to a new, healthier future. I'm so excited for what is yet to come.
If you are thinking about this, call Dr. Baranov at the Saratoga Bariatric Center and sign up for the webinar. It's worth it and he's a fantastic surgeon that cares about you getting better.
Thank you Dr. Baranov!

Nov. 27, 2022


At first I was extremely apprehensive as surgery is such a big decision. After doing some research, I decided on Saratoga Bariatric, with Dr. Baranov. Once I attended the information session and completing my first consultation my worries and concerns subsided and I was able to focus on this life changing decision. “ Dr. B” and his whole staff are with you every step of the way, they provide materials to review and guide you, give direct consultation, and most of all support and encourage. Another positive, all appointments run on time, no lingering in the waiting room! They provide their phone number on every document and welcome you to call anytime you have a question ( no judgements!) they truly want to help. You will of course have to commit to the program ( no halving it here). You under go a whole process to include health assessments, mental, physical evals to get you prepped and ready. This is all in a complete effort to help you reach your goal and sustain success. Plus Dr. B’s attention to details continues to the hospital, he met with me just prior to surgery, asked if I had any last questions or concerns. He and his staff checked on me post surgery, He called the nurses later in the evening for a status report . The nurses all know Dr. B’s expectations and absolutely adhere to them. A few days post surgery ( a Sunday) he called me to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. Dr, B and his staff doesn’t do this just for me, this is his regular process with all his patients. Imagine a surgeon going out of his way to check on his patients directly! I’m on my 6th day post surgery and I can already see/feel the difference when walking downstairs, knees do not hurt. Can’t wait to see/feel all the changes.
Thanks to Dr. B and his whole team, the receptionists, nurses, nutritionists, PA and all for helping me truly get a second chance to live my life!!!
Just Amazing!

Oct. 17, 2022


I want to express my heart felt thanks to Dr. Dmitri Baranov and his whole staff at Saratoga Bariatric. I started my journey October 2021 and just had surgery on September 2022. I had the gastric sleeve and am a week post-op. I am on the mend and really feeling good! Dr. Baranov even called me on Sunday to check on me!!! That right there shows how dedicated he is to his patients and that he really does care about us and what he does. I have never had a doctor check on me let alone on a weekend! I would highly recommend anyone looking to have bariatric surgery or even if your just looking for information that you should reach out to Dr. Baranov and his team! Thank you Dr. Baranov for helping me start my new journey!

Sept. 12, 2022


Dr. Baranov is the most thorough doctor I have ever seen. His attention to detail, preparedness and clear expectations set him apart from all other surgeons. Throughout the entire process of preparing for surgery, I doubted myself. I thought for sure I would not go through with it. I wanted the surgery, but fear took over. When it came time for my surgery, I was still nervous, but not as much because I felt confident that Dr. Baranov had been so thorough in planning, testing etc that I felt comfortable going through with surgery and I am so glad I did. Post Op , I was blown away with the care I received. Every nurse, tech, assistant was well aware of Dr. Baranov's expectations and once again I felt confident under his care. Dr. Baranov is a hands on surgeon. He was in communication with my nurses daily, sometimes more. He saw me in my hospital room himself both before and after surgery and has called me personally at home to check on me since discharge. He goes above and beyond for his patients and I feel very fortunate to be one of them.

Sept. 7, 2022


Dr. Baranov and his team at Saratoga Bariatrics are amazing. He was very thorough and explained the different surgical options in detail. He examined me and got medical history and discussed what would be my best option to move forward. He provided educational materials, online resources, and webinars so I could make sure I was comfortable with the procedure. He provided very clear expectations for before, during and after surgery. With his assistance I was able to lose 39 pounds prior to surgery. I am currently one week post op and feeling great. I have lost 14 pounds since surgery and have not had to take even a Tylenol for pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Baranov and his team if you are considering a weight loss procedure or regimen. They are highly qualified, patient and attentive. Having this surgery is life changing for me and the only thing I would change if I could, is that I should have done this surgery years ago.

Sept. 5, 2022

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