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Garth Davis Bariatric Surgeon MD, FACS, FASMBS

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18 yr Experience

18 yr in Bariatrics

18 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

18 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

95% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 16

Max Age of Patient is 65

102 Reviews for Garth Davis
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They were both very nice and professional.
I have confidence in his ability and the office staff has continued with the professionalism and friendly, helpful dissposition.
Joan Molinaro the Office Manager (and the other staff members)has been very helpful in getting all the documentation together. And keeping me inform on the static of my case. They all returned my calls and made me feel like I was important.
The doctors made sure that I was aware of everything that was going to happen from: whats needed to getting approval; what to expect during surgery and the risks that comes with surgery.


Dr. Garth Davis is awesome! Very professional and knows his stuff yet also has a sense of humor and is very nice. I liked him the moment I met him.
His office staff is very nice...very busy! But they take time to answer questions and will really stay on other doctors and such when it comes to getting something for their patients.
Dr. Garth works with his father Dr. Robert Davis (who by the way is the deputy chief of surgery at The Methodist Hospital in Houston!) and they perform all of their surgeries together. It's like getting two outstanding surgeons for the price of one! They are both great!
Doctor Garth talked all about the risks and benefits of surgery. He was very upfront about the expectations and procedures. He took time to answer my questions and was kind and understanding (even though I'm sure he has never been a pound overweight in his entire life!)
He and his father are now trying to get a bariatric after-care system going with a work-out facility, nutrition classes, support group, etc. I think it will be just as awesome as they are!
On a scale of 1 to 10...Dr. Davis is a 10+ !!!


I think my surgeon Dr. Garth Davis is wonderful.
My first impression was that he was very knowledgeable and sincere.
Office staff is great and coordinated.
Future patients should know that he and his dad are great doctors!


My first impression of Dr. Garth Davis was that he was very caring and really wanted to help people to lose and keep weight off.

My impression over time has become even more positive. He is very friendly.

His office staff is very nice. When I went in to do my post op testing they were all standing around me wishing me good luck and saying "aren't you excited," they are always very friendly on the phone also. The office also arranged for me to have a "buddy" that had also done the surgery, and another buddy from the office visited while I was in the hospital and showed me her before and after photo's.

Future patients should know that Dr. Garth is not a number cruncher. It doesn't matter how many surgeries he does, it only matters to him that you go in as healthy as you possibly can ... examples, you may have to lose some weight before hand, stop smoking, exercise to you ability to build up stamina or the strength of your lungs. I personally had to lose some weight and start walking. And of course many people go in and get to have their surgery without any of the above.

He is very strict about aftercare. I actually signed a paper committing that I would continue to follow up with him.

Yes, he has a structured aftercare program that includes checkups and a support group. He never rushes me when I have questions and I never feel like any questions is a lame one.

He addressed the risk of surgery in the first group consultation that I attended and we also discussed them one on one. He also gives you a packet to read that explains EVERYTHING!

Overall I would rate Dr. Garth extremely high. I think he is awesome.

As far as which is better surgical competence or bedside manner, that would be surgical competence of course!! DR. Garth just happens to have both.


When I first met with the doctors Davis, I was very impressed. This is a father/son team that both work together with all patients.

The office staff is the best, no matter what questionI had they would ind the answer and get back with me. I have never had a doctor's office call me after 6 on a Friday.

I feel that Dr. Davis could spend a little more time explaining the after effects with his patients.


Very professional and informative.

It has not. I have really liked him from the beginning.

Very helpful and professional.

When we get there, I will let you know.

Very much by the book, constantly checking with the field to stay on top and he makes you feel comfortable.

Lots. It is part of the commitment you make to him before he moves forward.

Yes. Support group and a class with nutrition and behavior modifications teachings.

Very upfront. He does not hesitate to tell you of the risks.

10 so far.

Surgical competence, of course, but most of us have "battled" with this our entire lives and it is a spot of shame. It is hard to accept defeat a lifetime of dieting. It is difficult to deal with friends saying you sold out for the sure thing. A bedside manner that is positive can help those of us that have been scarred by our dieting history and are looking to save our lives so we can spend them with our kids.


My first impression of Dr. Garth Davis was, he seemed very knowledgeable, he did not rush through the interview, he answered all my questions and was very kind. Post-op he was caring and had a good bedside manner. My impression of him has stayed the same and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to have bypass surgery. Dr. Davis' staff is another whole can of worms, I was not impressed at all with the staff, matter of fact some of them seemed quiet rude and dismissive. If I had to start all over as far as picking a Surgeon is concerned I would pick him again. I can not say enough to express how pleased I was with my decision to use Dr. Davis. Dr. Davis has a structured after care program and he addressed all risks concerned with the surgery. I would have to rate him on a scale of 1-10 as a 10.


although he was quick with his visits or answers--i found him to be a good listener and pro-active-through in my care. i think i got a good surgeon and staff who was willing to help me get surgery before new deductables started. yahoo!
the dr's are improving their aftercare program which currently meets once a month. i look forward to more meetings. his presentation about he surgery was excellent as well as his competence.


I had my consultation with Drs. Garth and Robert Davis last month. I was very satisfi ed with their orientation, and Q&A period. I had my individual visit with Dr. Garth Davis immediately afterwards, wich was very convienient.
Dr. Garth was very pleasant, with a great bedside manner. He took his time, and addressed all my concerns. I was treated with courtesy and respect not only by him, but by his staff as well.
I have called the office several times with questions, and have spoken with Joan and Lana. Both have been quite helpful, and if unavailable, have returned calls in a prompt and timely manner.
He is emphatic about the importance of aftercare, and follows his post-op patients closely.
The only negative that I can come up with from my point of view is the location of his office, and parking fee. The Houston Medical Center can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with it. That said, I would not go anywhere else for maedical care. Why, when it is one of the largest and best in the world!
As a healthcare professional, and more important, as a patient, I highly recommend Dr. Davis. His knowledge, expertise, and "bedside manner" are top notch!


I read testimonies on ObesityHelp where just about every lady thought he was cute. I wasn't that impressed but I must admit my wife was so there might be something to that! (ha!) Seriously, Dr. Davis and his dad (a father/son team) have been tremendous so far. Their center, Houston Surgical Consultants (HSC), has to be 2nd to none. I realize there are great doctors out there and some must be as good as the Davis' but I can't imagine anyone being better. Imagine life-long 'slim' people who look you in the eye and convince you that they know exactly what your going through! Can you imagine? Well, that is what my first impression was of their entire staff. He is right now developing his organization even farther. He drives home the importance of aftercare and he and his father's goal is to be a totally comprehensive clearing house for all a wls candidate needes from pre-op education and consultation through post-op ripe old age. An age where you put those 15-20 years back to the end of your life that you have been robbed of before the hope that is wls. So far I give both Dr. Davis' and HSC a 10 and I don't believe in giving 10's to anyone for anything! I will share more as I experience it with these folks. If there is a negative it is that a country boy trying to navigate around the Houston Medical Center to get a parking spot at Scurlock Tower is plenty tough enough already without the ex-mayor's billion dollar play train running around everywhere getting in the way!

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