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Garth Davis Bariatric Surgeon MD, FACS, FASMBS

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18 yr Experience

18 yr in Bariatrics

18 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

18 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

95% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 16

Max Age of Patient is 65

102 Reviews for Garth Davis
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First impression: Great disposition, Very informative, he made me feel like I was the only patient he had...not at all rushed.
Office staff: Well, I have mixed views here, so I will get back to you on that one.
Like the least: TBD
Future Patients: Be patient they have a huge patient base and are busy most of the time, but worth it!
Aftercare: This is huge in this practice they are insistent that you keep your appointments and come to follow-ups
Stuctured aftercare program? TBD
Risks: He went over the risks in my initial visit and we will see what he says at preop.
Rating: So far 8.5
Surgical competence/bedside manner which is best or both: TBD

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He is very well informed and knowledgable. My experience with him has been wonderful. Aftercare is greatly enphasized and his staff is very helpful.


When I first met Dr. Garth it was for a consultation and then again for my pre-operative visit prior to surgery. I truly view him as friendly, a little down to earth with a confidence air to himself. His staff is welcoming and efficient, they are supportive and work hard to address your concerns. I never really experinced any problems with his services, besides a run-in I had with a staff member, but that was resolved due to their wonderful customer service. If seeking for a Doctor: selecting Dr. Garth would be a great choice, he's a well known Doctor who has been adknowledge for his skill set. Evenmore, has operated as one of the Surgeons on Discoverey Channel's \"BIG MEDICINE\", he's perfectly capable of doing a stellar job. Dr. Garth doesn't specifically emphasize aftercare but his staff and all the information your provided does, it's important that you educate yourself beyond what the Doctor requires you to know. What I value about Dr. Garth is that he was right up front about some of the risks that can come with having the RNY procedure but also positive in highlighting the benefits that came with it as well. From a scale 1-10 I would rate him an 8, he could use a little more humor in the office...Lol. Overall, when it comes to surgical competence and bed side manner, both are high on my list and from what I've been told and soon to know for myself, Dr. Garth is all of that and more.


My surgeon is Dr. Garth Davis, I had my surgery July 16th I tried to back out of it while I was getting prep'd for surgery...first the nurse assisting the surgeon came in..I was nervous, then the anestheologist came in I was frightened, then in came Dr. Davis ... was was scared witless. You see I am an RN and was busy imagining all sorts of horrible complications.Well I looked at him and said \"is it to late to change my mind ...I want a lap band\" He gave me a lop sided grin and said \"What happened to change your mind?\" I told him I was scared. He touched my hand and said I could do what I wanted , but that he would take care of me. My fears desolved, I truly believed he would do exactly that and would see me safely through.rnI am very grateful to have such a good doctor, who sees the person not just a patient.rn


This man was awesome! Even when I gained weight before my surgery, he was compassionate but firm and I loved that about him! His whole staff was very courteous and very professional. When I was in the hospital and developed an allergic reaction to a medication, he was right there making sure that I was ok! His bedside manner is oh so terrific! When I first went into his office I as skeptical at first but when he started talking to me I was completely at ease because he made me feel like I was important and not just a money case! I HIGHLY RECOMEND Dr. Davis!


Dr.Davis is the best!!! From day one he actually cared about me!!! I was so used to hearing if you would just lose the weight here's a diet just do it!!! He sat there and explained all the options and risks and told me that I have more risks staying the size I am but it was my choice to make! When you go to his office you can actually feel the love from everyone in his office. I would recommend anyone to go to him!!!


Dr. Davis was wonderful. He is very skilled at laproscopic RNY, which is what I had. His bedside mannor is great, and he gives you alot of information and talks with you, not at you, so you know what could happen and why and have the mental tools to handle anything that comes your way. He stresses aftercare both with medical follow-ups and support groups. I highly recommend him.


Dr. Garth Davis is very professional and listens to your concerns and answers yor questions about RNY gastric bypass versusrnthe lap band. Then you are able to make the decision which procedure is the best for your medical history and age. I was required to attend a meeting where both procedures were thoroughly discussed from pros and consrnto scheduling pre-op nutrition classes and the importance of attending support groups before and after surgery. Dr Robert Davisrnheld the first information session. He isrna knowledgable informative speaker and funnyrntoo. The office staff is very helpful fromrnfirst appointment schedule including insurance and returning your calls. Theyrnare organized and you must follow each steprnwith a check off procedures.To qualify you must fill out on line Emmi questionaire afterrnattending the first seminar with either Doctor. After care program is very importantrnand you must commit them to be successful.rnEach insurance requires different nutritionrnclasses from 3-6 months pre-op. You are informed what to expect from day one. Therernis a comprehensive notebook to explain everything from pre-op, post-op. all risks,rnand everything to bring to the hospital andrnwhat foods,protein you need, what and how to eat when you get home. Both doctors are Doctors of Excellence and so are the hospitals they use.I rate them very qualifiedrnand professional. Surgical competence is most important and then bedside manner. Thisrnis the most structered program I've seen andrnI checked out 3 different doctors. The onlyrnnegative is Dr. Robert Davis was unable to speak at a support group because he was in surgery late but his nurse Jamie Carr, R.N.rnspoke in his place.


POST-OPrnDr. Garth is the best. I'm so glad that he took me on. I could not ask for anyone better.rnrnPRE-OPrnFirst impression are always lasting ones & my first impression of Dr. Garth Davis was \"Holy Cow He Cares\". I mean how many doctors do you know that come to the waiting room and get you there selves.rnNow keep in mind I have only meet him once and before I meet him I had not watched any of the Big Medicine Show's so I had know impression of him before I meet him. I have read his new book since I meet him and that book and my one appointment with him really let me know I had picked the right doctor.rnHe is very compassionate about the work he does and is willing to go the extra mile to see that the right thing get done not push it off on someone else to do. His book is a must read. rnI have been approved for surgery and am waiting on a surgery date (Tricia the lady that does that is on vacation). I really don't think I have anything to worry about although this is a revision surgery from a Molina band that I had done in 1994; but I'm very sure that I have picked the right doctor to take it off and revise to a RNY.

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