John Maguire

Bariatric Surgeon
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John Maguire Bariatric Surgeon M.D., F.A.C.S.

28 yr in Bariatrics

12 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

90% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 18

Biliopancreatic Diversion

Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch




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Dr Maguire did my BPD/DS in 2003. I've lost total 340 lbs and maintained around 170 for years. He absolutely saved and changed my life. Can't say enough about commitment to taking supplements and healthy nutrition, it's not negotiable. I'd do it again without hesitation.

Oct. 6, 2020

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I wish that I was instructed to see a nutritionist to help me with what to eat.

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He was a very nice soft spoken man,didn't look at anyone a FAT person. Very nice when it came to questions. All the staff are the nicest people.Always willing to answer your questions.He explains everything and two women of his staff had the surgery and were willing to show their scars and answer your questions.All the reviews I read about him and the staff are true.


Although I have not had my surgery yet, I have been a patient of Dr. Macguire since April. I anticipate that my surgery will be in early September.

From the time I scheduled my very first appointment, Dr. MacGuires staff walked me through each and every step. His office functions like a very well oiled machine. The process leading up to surgery can seem long, however, each step from the initial seminar, psychological consult, nutritionist consult and surgical consult are very informative. Lets be real.....this is not something you want to be misinformed about.

Dr. MacGuire is not the most outward, charismatic person I have ever met. However, he is gentle, kind, soft spoken, and patient. He has an outstanding reputation!

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I have not had my surgery yet (2 weeks and 3 days left) but Dr. Maguire, all his staff and all the hospital staff at Miami Valley Hospital have been GREAT so far! I have so much confidence in them and they have confidence in me!!


Awesome surgeon! I had an incredible surgical experience. Every need was attended to and I felt like all of my questions were answered.


thought he was very quiet. his office and staff has been so wanderful since i started this back in nov.of 2009.i would absolutly refer somebody to his office.have had several conversations with his staff about after care,which is way different than i had with my first surgery in 2002.they both are important to me. so far very satisfied with this overall procedure.


A friend who is an OR nurse told me that Dr Maguire is "old school" - meaning very methodical and very patient focused. He's introverted but very professional. He patiently answers all of my questions, stops what he's doing and looks right at me.

His practice is amazing. I'm a big fan of business systems and processes in action and I LOVE to watch the way things work in his office. His staff is amazing, all so warm & friendly. Seems like they become instant friends the first time you talk to them.

I was surprised that he stopped by at least twice a day when I was in the hospital to check on me. And he would spend as much time as I needed. I haven't had my first follow up visit yet, but I expect nothing less than the caring professionalism I've witnessed every step of the way so far.

Everything about his practice is very structured. Forms, paperwork, the "big binder" - all very easy to understand, all walk you step by step through the process. Again, business systems at their finest.

I'd recommend him to anyone, as I understand it, he is one of the best in the country. He is the first surgeon my family doctor recommends. Sure he's introverted, but as my husband says "who wants Johnny Carson for a surgeon?". I wanted and found a skilled surgeon with lots of experience in Dr Maguire.

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Dr. Maguire has two other doctors that work in the office with him in the Miami Valley Hospital. The process they take you through is excellent. Ths staff is wonderful. They accept most insurances and they will work with you to get you approved for whatever surgery you want. They will recommend the best surgery for your situation and they will work with you to get your desired weight loss. Dr. Maguire is an experienced surgeon but is not a "people person" He is working on it though. I think the other two doctors are more people oriented but are not as experienced, They will learn soon though, working with Dr. Maguire.


My first impression of Dr Maguire was he is a very serious fella. Very much a surgeon. The reviews about his dry sense of humor and stoic personality are right on point. He is however, at least to me very calming. Hes been doing this a long time. This is his preferred surgery. After talking to him the first time I is the only word that comes to mind. There are no barriers with him. Anything you want to know he will tell you straight up. He is not afraid of challenges. He is not insecure. I call him Yoda. He is sizing you up as you are sizing him so go prepared to know what you want. He lays everything......EVERYTHING on the table for you so you cant say you don't know. I have never felt like he was in a rush and he never once got impatient with any of 14 gazillion questions...or my hubby's "challenging attitude"
Dr. Maguire is not a warm and fuzzy huggy type of man. He is a top of the line bariatric surgeon. If he says you are fine you believe him because of the quiet confidence he exudes. I felt safe putting my life in his hands.

The office staff has been nothing but wonderful. Very helpful and willing to do all they can to help you. They are also on time. No 8am appts and not getting seen until 8:45.


Dr. Maguire is a very professional and nice doctor who explained everything to me and answered all of my questions and believe me I had a lot. Ha, ha. His staff is also very nice and professional and told me of their stories of weight loss surgery and answered my questions.

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