Jose Rodriguez

Bariatric Surgeon
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Jose Rodriguez Bariatric Surgeon

18 yr in Bariatrics

18 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

14 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

90% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 13

Max Age of Patient is 70

  • About Me
    Dr. Jose Rodriguez is a gastrointestinal surgeon, specializing in Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). ACADEMIC AND TRAINING SKILLS ·  DR. JOSE RODRIGUEZ VILLARREAL has performed more than 10,000 bariatric procedures in the last 16 years. ·  Become MD by the University of Nuevo Leon (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEXICO) Authorization numbers: MD by the D.G.P. 1264431 ·  General Surgeon by the University of Nuevo Leon and the ISSSTE (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEXICO) Authorization number as a Surgeon by the D.G.P. 3410364 Authorization number in the State of Chihuahua: 08135E – S – III ·  Sub-specialty in Gastroenterological surgery in U.S.A. ·  Swedish Gastric Adjustable Band training (1988) in the 1st National Course of Laparoscopic Surgery of the Obesity, ·  Post-graduate and training in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in Texas (1989) U.S.A. ·  Bariatric Surgeon Certification by the University of Pittsburg, PA. (1990) U.S.A. ·  Postgraduate on Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery by the SSA – INNSZ (1991)D.F. MEXICO ·  Midband (Adjustable band) training. Clinique de la Sauvergarde,(2002) Lyon, FRANCE ·  1st Alpine Obesity Surgery Expert Meeting, (2003) Strasbourg, SWIZTERLAND ·  Minimal Invasion Surgery in Morbid Obesity training, INNSZ(2003)D.F. MEXICO ·  Interventional Endoscopy Course. (2004) Maastricht, NETHERLANDS. ·  NOS Esophyx Stomaphyx, Training and Certification Course, Seattle WA., U.S.A. ·  SILS(Single incision laparoscopic surgery) in Univ. of Cornelweil , NY. U.S.A.  PRIVATE AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS ·  Member of the International Federation of Surgery for the Obesity(IFSO) ·  Member of the Mexican Society of the Endoscopic Surgery (AMCE) ·  Member of the Mexican College of Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Disea ·  Member of the Latinoiberoamerican Confraternity of Friends of the Bariatric Surgery ·  State of Coahuila Regional Delegate to the Mexican Assoc. of Endoscopic Surgery A.C.  ·  PRIVATE PRACTICE AS BARIATRIC SURGEON since 1994 ·  BARIATRIC SURGERY GROUP FOUNDER: a) Cd Acuna Coahuila(Hospital EJEZA) MEXICO b) Piedras Negras Coahuila (CLINICA DE ESPECIALISTAS) MEXICO c) Cd. Juarez Chihuahua(Hospital Star Medica and Hospital Angeles) MEXICO d) Tijuana, B.C.N (Hospital INT) MEXICO  ACTUAL WORK ·  HEAD SURGEON of the STARBARIATRIC GROUP and INTEGRAL OBESITY CENTER in the Hospital Star Medica and Hospital Angeles, (respectively) and in Cd. Acuña Coahuila (Hospital EJEZA) (Cd. Juarez Chihuahua) MEXICO. STARBARIATRIC GROUP in Tijuana B.C.N. at the INT Hospital.  GOVERNMENT AND INSTITUTIONAL PRACTICE ·  Director and Surgeon of the ISSSTE Hospital in Cd. Acuña Coahuila MEXICO ·  Head chief of the Cd. Acuña Regional Office of the Health Secretary(SSa) MEXICO ·  Sub-Director and Surgeon of the IMSS in Cd. Acuña, Coahuila MEXICO ·  Sub-Director and Surgeon of General Hospital in Cd. Acuña, Coahuila MEXICO ·  Municipal Medical Services Director in Cd. Acuña, Coahuila MEXICO  ACADEMIC SKILLS/ DOCENCY, PAPERS AND PRESENTATION ·  Professor of the XII Intl. Congress of Endoscopic Surgery(2003) Veracruz, Ver. MEXICO "Obesity Course" and Surgery Demo Performance Sponsored by the University of Veracruz and AMCE ·  Professor of the Intl. Surgical Congress (2003) Irapuato, Gto. MEXICO "Band complications" and Surgery Demo Performance sponsored by the Surgical Society of the Center AC and AMCE. ·  Professor on the XXVII Congress on General Surgery AC (2003) Veracruz, Ver. MEXICO. ·  Professor of the Meeting on Obesity, (2003) Tijuana, BC. MEXICO "Issues in Obesity Surgery" sponsored by AMCE, General Surgeon College of Tijuana and Mexican Assoc. of General Surgery.·  State of Coahuila Regional Delegate of the Mexican Assoc. of Endoscopic Surgery Nomination (AMCE)(2005) Pto. Vallarta, Jal. MEXICO ·  Professor of the XIV Intl. Congress of Endoscopic Surgery (2005) Pto. Vallarta Jal. , MEXICO "Pre-Congress Course on Obesity" and Surgery Demo Performance sponsored by AMCE Coordinator of the Obesity Freelance works (Oral, Video and Poster presentations) ·  Professor of the VII Natl. Congress of Obesity Surgery(2005) Cabo San Lucas, BCS, MEXICO "Gastric Band Removal by Endoscopy" sponsored by Mexican Society of Surgery for the Obesity AC ·  Professor of the Natl. Congress of Surgery of the Obesity. (2006) Mazatlan Sin. MEXICO Sponsored by Natl. College of Surgery of the Obesity and Mexican College of surgery of the Obesity. ·  Professor of the V Intl. Congress of General Surgery (2008) Guadalajara, Jal. MEXICO "Gastric Band Statistics and results" "Vertical Gastrectomy in Sleeve Statistics and results" Sponsored by the Jalisco College of Specialists in General Surgery, the North-west Chapter of the American College of Surgeons, and the Mexican Assoc. of General Surgery. ·  Professor of the XI Natl. Congress of Surgery of the Obesity(2009) Cancun, Q.R. MEXICO "Trans-congress Course, New Trends and controversies in the Intragastric Balloon and Adjustable band" Coordinator "Why Gastric Band in the High Risk Patients" "Trans-congress Course .Early Detection and Management of the Obesity Surgery Complications" "Gastric Band erosion Management" Sponsored by Mexican College of the Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Diseases AC ·  Professor on the 18th Intl. Congress of Endoscopic Surgery(2009) Acapulco ,Gro. MEXICO "Revision or Conversion Surgery: Rescue with Gastric Band" Surgery Demonstration Performance on: Gastric Bypass Vertical Gastrectomy Surgical Staple performance Gastric Band ·  Continuing Medical Education Coordinator nomination for(2009) Mexican College of Surgery of the Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Mexican Assoc. of Endoscopic Surgery (AMCE)  ACTUALIZATION COURSES AND CONGRESS Attendant of the: ·  1st Natl. Course on Obesity Surgery by Laparoscopy( 1988) ·  Alpine Obesity Surgery Experts Meeting (2003) Strasbourg SWI. ·  Minimal Invasion on the Morbid Obesity Surgery(2003)D.F., MEXICO ·  8th World Congress of the Intl. Federation of the Surgery of the Obesity (IFSO) (2003) Salamanca, SP. ·  XXVII Natl. Congress of General Surgery(2003)Veracruz, MEXICO ·  Interventional Endoscopy Course (2004) Maastricht, NETH. ·  XIV Intl. Congress of Endoscopy Surgery (2005) Pto. Vallarta MEXICO ·  1Oth World Congress of the Intl. Federation of Surgery of the Obesity(IFSO)(2005) ·  2nd Latin-American and 2nd Natl, Congress of Surgery of the Obesity(IFSO) and the Mexican College of Surgery of the Obesity(2007) ·  XII World Congress of the Intl. Federation of Surgery of the Obesity (IFSO)(2007) Porto. PORT. ·  V Intl. Congress of Surgery of the Obesity (2009)Acapulco Gro. MEXICO ·  SAGE Scientific Session and Post-graduate Courses(several years( Dallas, Denver) USA ·  Master on the first international congress of single port surgery, by the Mexican laparoscopic surger society, veracruz mexico 2010 ·  ASMBS Gastric Restrictive Procedures: Gastric Banding and Sleeve Gastrectomy Washington, DC October 2010  OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS:  Attended course on New Trends on Hiatal Hernia Repairs by Natural Orifices in Seattle Wash (2008).  Attended course on Natural Orifices Technique in Endoscopic Surgery in New York, NY (2008)  Esophyx training course; Seattle Wash.  Stomaphyx training course; Seattle Wash.  Single Port Surgery formally initiated. 
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    avatar momof4ssjc on Feb. 26, 2020

    I was nervous about traveling to Mexico by myself for surgery but it worked out well. Most of the nurses spoke English and the ones that did not I communicated via google translate. Every step on the way different doctors from the team checked in More...

    avatar LolaFromCruces on Oct. 8, 2018

    I was over 250 pounds and nearly immobile. I HAD to do something. I would have this procedure done again in a heartbeat. It's been over 2 years. The last time I was this healthy I was in my 20's. I hike 3 More...

    avatar lifeisgrand on April 16, 2017

    Just returned from Juarez, Mexico. This was my fifth trip. I had a band and then a revision. Have gone with friends and this time went with my daughter. I think Belite is a great company and love Dr Rod and his team. The problem More...

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    Cd. Juarez, Chih. 32618 (El Pa, 32472, Chihuahua 32472
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