Michael L. Bilof

Bariatric Surgeon
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Michael L. Bilof Bariatric Surgeon MD, FACS, FASMBS

17 yr Experience

13 yr in Bariatrics

13 yr in Laparoscopic Surgery

13 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

100% Practice is Bariatrics

Min Age of Patient is 16

Max Age of Patient is 80

Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch



Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

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79 Reviews for Michael L. Bilof
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I had my initial consult with Dr Bilof on Saturday 3/9/19 ~ yes a Saturday! Everyone in the office is just great! Jessica greeted me, she was very nice and knowledgeable, made me feel comfortable as soon as I stepped into the office. Before I met with the Dr I spent about 20mins with the PA who took my history, did an exam etc. He was super nice and easy to talk to. Dr Bilof spent at least an hour with me explaining my options in great detail and answering every question I had ~ even the ones I asked more than once! I never felt rushed at all. The fact that he was a vascular surgeon before becoming a bariatric surgeon gives me a high level of comfort with his ability to handle any issues that could arise during and after surgery, especially because revision surgery is complicated.
After meeting with Dr Bilof, I met with Julie who is the surgical coordinator, and she set up a few appointments for me and stressed that should I have any questions to call any time. She was incredibly down to earth, very friendly and accommodating. You can just tell she has this journey down to a science and that takes a lot of stress off of the patient.
Saturday was just step one for me, but I am 100% confident that I've found the right practice for me. Give them a call - they're probably the right practice for you too!


I had a wonderful experience at every turn preparing for my surgery which went well due to the caring instructions Dr Bilof gave me. They helped me relax and enter into surgery in a good frame of mind. All went well. It truly is the best thing I did for myself. I am now 134 pounds down and feel fabulous.


Dr Bilof is an amazing person! He is kind and compassionate! He has a wonderful staff that will support you every step of the way!


Dr. Bilof has been amazing so far. I am having a revision surgery hopefully in July. He has taken his time with me and gone through my surgery step by step to ensure I understand everything. Dr. Bilof called me personally to give me the results of my test to make sure I could have revision surgery. I am looking forward to having the surgery and having Dr. Bilof perform it, I know I am in great hands.


I met with Dr. Bilof at his Toms River Office and he gave me over an hour of his time. We discussed my goals in details and then he recommended the bypass. Due to my fears of permanency (I regret my tubal ligation), he allowed me to decide on the sleeve procedure. The office has been wonderful; I truly appreciate professionalism and I've not been disappointed.

My surgery is tomorrow so I'll update in the future.

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I needed to have my lap band removed because I had severe reflux and wanted the sleeve gastrectomy. There was no one I would consider doing my procedure than Dr Michael Bilof. He is an exceptional bariatric surgeon and he has a bariatric Center of Excellence. In addition, he has a wonderful bedside manner. He is understanding and kind. Dr Bilof explains the procedure thoroughly and allows ample time for questions. His office staff is wonderful! Everyone is helpful and well informed. Dominga, the surgical coordinator is amazing! If she says she'll take care of believe me, she will! I love my surgeon and Garden State Bariatrics! Suzanne Rinato,RN

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I saw Dr. Bilof on July 6, 2006 for my consult. My surgery is scheduled 9/27/06. Dr. Bilof was knowledgable, kind and very helpful. He took alot of time explaining the procedure (Lap band) and why I would be an excellent candidate. He also discussed my family history and co-morbidities and was able to present why I should consider the lap band (n my case...) over the RNY. I strongly believe I am in excellent hands.rnDominga in his office is a total pleasure to deal with. She is kind, friendly, understanding and VERY helpful. She made this experience so easy, a total pleasure!rnDr. Bilof was very sensitive to me and my life long struggle with obesity.He addressed the risks of surgery in a calm, reasonable fashion. I did not feel frightened at all. He also mapped out my aftercare and how very important it is to the success of the lap band. I thought he was wonderful all around and would thoroughly recommend him. I will have a post op rating after my procedure.rnrnDr. Bilof did my surgery yesterday 9/27/06. He was thoughful and kind, always with a smile. I felt totally safe in his hands. I had no doubts about the care I would receive from him regarding my lap band procedure. I have recommended him to 2 friends and they have made appts to see him for a consult. Dr. Bilof made me feel like I was a valuable person who deserved the opportunity for optimum health. His team in the OR were also fantastic, they made me laugh and felt very cared for, I knew they were extremely competent. One of the OR nurses said to me \"We are really a family here\". That was very obvious.


Starteed my journey for surgery back in 2008... On March 30th 2011 - I had gastric band surgery. The Transplant Center recommended Dr. Bilof and GSBWC and the confidence the Transplant Center has in Dr. Bilof and his work with the Transplant patients had me glad I stayed with it and got my surgery on March 30th 2011. My goal in having the gastric band surgery was to lose the weight I need to be put on the transplant list. As of the surgery, I am losing weight and confident I will be able to take the next step in getitng my needed Transplant.

I would recommend Dr. Bilof and the team at GSBWC - for transplant patients - or anyone looking at the surgery.

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I heard about Dr Bilof and Garden State through the Obesity Help website. I stayed for all the reasons you read from other patients - his expertise, his bedside manner, his staff and his real time and attention to me as an individual. In November 2010, I had gastric band surgery - and my knees/hips/back feels better and I can play with my children again. I am not so lazy in life and can do more without effort. Dr. Bilof and staff are wonderful. They always answer my concerns and questions. I'm comfortable with everyone. I would and HAVE recommended this office to everyone!!!


I was referred to the office by both an existing patient and family member. Everything you could ask for in a surgeon and the staff - expertise, care and concern, giving me all the time and attention I need and Dr. Bilof's excellent reputation and ability to care about his patients. Since my surgery in March 2011, I am off all medications for: Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Depression and my blood pressure is normal. I enjoy shopping again (down from 22 to 16 1/2 in less than 2 months), my knees/hips/back feel better, and I have a new relationship and am enjoying intimacy with my partner. I feel good and life is better. My sex life is sweet. My grandchildren are happier now that I can play with them. Thank you!!!!!


I was referred to the office by a friend. My comfort level with all at the office, they are friendly and supportive and fund to be around. Dr Bilof's knowledge and expertise was also an important consideration. I had gastric band surgery in August 2011 and as of September, 2011 I have lost weight, have lowered my diabetic medicine and feel better about myself.

I am so happy to have found Dr. Bilof and his wonderufl staff. At 62 years old, I do not feel my age and have more confidence in myself. Thank you!

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